5 Beneficial Tips for Maintaining Your Espresso Machine

Most coffee espresso machines are designed to last for years. However, your espresso machine might stop functioning after only 6 months. The lifetime of the device is determined by use and maintenance. If you use your espresso machine in the wrong way or fail to care for it, it will not last long.

Maintaining your espresso machine also assures of high-quality coffee each time. Some machines tend to produce low quality and less tasty coffee as they age. So it’s worthwhile to care for the espresso maker.

These simple tips will help you to maintain your espresso machine with ease.

1. Cleaning it often

Cleaning is the first step towards maintaining your espresso machine. Enthusiast coffee drinkers insist on cleaning the machine to enhance its durability. Cleaning the espresso often eliminates water minerals and elements that might cause the unit to rust.

You should clean the interior and exterior of the machine. Do not forget to clean the included components such as filter basket and carafe. Some machines are dishwasher safe making them simple to clean. Others can be hand washed with soap and water.

When cleaning your unit avoid scrubbing it with items that can cause scratches. Avoid cleaning agents that have bleaching agents since they might bleach the outer housing.

2. Remove ground coffee from the brewing system

During the brewing process, some coffee grounds might get stuck in the brewing system. This mainly occurs if you use excess grounds. Occasionally disassemble your espresso machine and remove these coffee grounds.

Accumulation of grounds may clog the unit and affect the brewing process. Remember also to empty the carafe. Some coffee fans tend to leave the carafe for long because they brew in a hurry.

When left for long, the carafe gets stained and develops a grimy layer that is hard to eliminate. Removing ground coffee from the brewing system maintains the espresso machine for long.

3. Switch off the machine when not in use

After every brewing process make sure to switch off the espresso machine. Luckily, modern espresso machines feature auto shut off when the brewing is complete.

If you have such a machine, you will have peace of mind. The auto shut off feature has two main purposes. First, it makes the espresso maker energy efficient. Second, this feature prolongs the life of your unit. Your espresso maker will perform as good as new every time.

In case your machine doesn’t switch off automatically, you will have to turn it manually after brewing. Remember this tip if you want to enhance the life of your device.

4. Follow the brewing guidelines

Espresso machines always come with a user manual that guides you on how to brew. Read through the manual to understand how the machine operates. Pay attention to assembling and dissembling the unit. This will be of help when you want to clean the machine.

Check for water level gauge which guides you on the right amount of water as well as coffee levels. Do not overfill the water reservoir with the hope of brewing more coffee.

Follow other guidelines on handling the espresso machine and storage. Finally, do not drop the machine on the flour. It might have plastic parts and break if it falls.

5. Use water and vinegar occasionally

After a period of continuous use, lime scale and water deposits tend to build up on your machine. You can purchase a cleaning solution from the espresso manufacture to eliminate the deposits. Or you can make your own solution using water and vinegar.

Prepare and run the solution through several cycles depending on the level of the build-up. 2 – 3 cycles are always sufficient to eliminate the lime scale and water deposits. When the cycles are complete, run 2-3 cycles of clean water to eliminate remaining deposits or the cleaning solution.

Ensure the water that comes out after the last cycle does not have the vinegar smell. If the smell still persists, continue to run cycles of clean water.

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