Should You Freeze Your Coffee Beans?

If you are looking to prepare the best cup of coffee, you should store your coffee beans properly. The storage method shouldn’t expose the coffee to air, heat, moisture and light. In case your coffee is exposed to these agents, it may lose freshness and flavor.

Hence, the storage method should be airtight. The underlying question is whether you can freeze your coffee.The freshness of beans is essential to a perfect cup of coffee. Coffee experts and enthusiast hold that coffee should be consumed shortly after it’s roasted, specifically, once the packaging seal has been broken. If you buy whole bean coffee, you should grind instantly before brewing.

There are various viewpoints on whether or not coffee beans should be refrigerated or frozen. The primary consideration is that coffee tends to absorb moisture, tastes, and odors from the air. Most home storage containers may not be entirely airtight, which may cause freezer burn if food is stored in the freezer for long. Thus, if you want to freeze your coffee beans, you should search for an entirely airtight container.

Once you freeze your coffee, always remove the much you want to use and return the rest to the freezer before it absorbs moisture or odors from the air. Note that you can’t store the coffee for more than a week; in fact, most coffee lovers usually freeze coffee for use in the following day.

From this discussion you realize that freezing coffee may not be a perfect storage method of you don’t have a truly airtight container. Hence, you may opt for other storage methods to avoid compromising the quality, taste and freshness of your coffee.

How To Ensure Your Beans Are At Their Peak

Ensure Your Beans Are At Their Peak

Store them in an airtight container. Avoid exposing them to sunlight, heat, steam, and moisture. You should use the beans within 72 hours after roasting while they are still at their peak.

How To Store Ground Coffee

Store Ground Coffee

It’s advisable to grind coffee just before brewing. However, if you require ground coffee, store it in a vacuum-sealed container. Ensure that your coffee won’t absorb unwanted flavors or tastes from the container. In this case, you can use ceramic container. Don’t store ground coffee for more than an hour in a condition where humidity may impact it.

How To Store Whole Beans

Store Your Whole Beans Properly

Don’t store beans for a week is you want to retain their freshness. In case, you want to keep the beans for a bit longer; it’s advisable to store them in the freezer.

Storing the beans is a deep freezer is better than in the fridge’s freezer since you won’t open it frequently.

Avoid storing the beans in paper; instead, keep them in the original packaging. You can cut the original seal only when you want to brew. The concept is to retain the freshness of your coffee and prevent it from agents that might contaminate the flavor.

Place each bag in a resealable freezer-quality bag, resealable jar, container or some airtight containers to prevent freezer burn.

Never return coffee beans that have been thawed to your freezer.

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