7 Tips for Making The Best Coffee Ever

Apart from using a great coffeemaker and favorite coffee type, there are some tips that you can observe to make the best coffee. Below are the 7 tips that will make your coffee tastier and enjoyable.

Tips for Making a Perfect Coffee Ever

#1 Use Fresh Coffee

Unlike other kitchen ingredients, coffee has a short shelf life of about 6 weeks. Thus, you shouldn’t store your coffee for long. It’s good to use freshly ground coffee when making coffee. Also, don’t store whole beans for long since they tend to lose their fruity nature over time. If you should store coffee, ensure to seal it in a vacuum container and put it in the freezer.

#2 Use Filtered Water

Water is the biggest ingredient in your coffee. You can use filtered or bottled water for better tasting coffee. Avoid distilled and softened water since it might compromise the softness of your coffee. Also, if the water isn’t filtered, it might negatively impact your coffeemaker.

#3 Consider The Level Of Grind

You may use coarse, medium or fine coffee to make your coffee. With a burr grinder, you can control the level of grinding to suit your needs. The grind is crucial to the extraction process and the flavor of your coffee. A blade grinder might not serve you the best when it comes to the grinding level. The essential aspect is to be specific about the grind.

#4 Measure The Amount Of Coffee – Use The Correct Amount

If you want to get a perfect cup of coffee, you should ensure to use the proper amount of coffee. Hence, you should measure the coffee each time you want to brew. For instance, use 2 tablespoons of coffee per 6 ounces of water. Using a large amount of coffee may result in undesirable tastes. On the other hand, if you use a lesser amount of ground coffee, you won’t achieve your desired flavor and taste.

#5 Know Your Strength

Roasted coffee comes at various ‘strength’ levels, and it’s good to know your strength. The strength is linked to the level of roast and aromatic profile. Lower strengths are lightly roasted and have brighter notes, while high strengths are intensely roasted and tend to be full-bodied. Once you identify your favorite strength, you will make bets coffee every time.

#6 Be Keen On The Timing

Timing is essential in making the best coffee. Clear timing delivers best flavors and prevents bitterness in your coffee. If your coffee maker has a timer, you will appreciate the convenience of brewing a better tasting coffee. Those who use a French press, and other non-automatic methods of brewing coffee, can use a clock timer.  If you want to avoid the hassle of using a clock timer, you may want to shop for an automatic coffee maker such as the Mr. Coffee.

#7 Adopt A Favorite Brewing Method

Different coffee brewing methods deliver various results and require different materials. The most popular brewing methods include Chemex, French press, Aeropress, Coffee cone and Percolator. These methods produce coffees of different strengths and flavor. Adopt your favorite brewing method and you will brew the best coffee each time.

If you are a coffee enthusiast, absorb the above 7 tips and you will make the best coffee each time. These tips will also help you make barista-quality coffee and eliminate the need to visit the coffeehouse.

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