9 Surprising Facts About Coffee

If you’re a coffee devotee, you know some magical aspects about this drink. Probably you are aware that coffee is good for your health and that it keeps you refreshed and focused.

However, there are surprising facts that you need to know about this comforting beverage. After checking these 9 facts, you may love the drink even more and even end up increase the intake.

#1 Coffee Isn’t As Dehydrating As Some People Think

Most people once thought that caffeine was a remarkable diuretic, which isn’t true. In fact, unless you intake large quantities (500 to 600 mg a day) you will likely not experience adverse effects. Studies indicate that urine output doesn’t change significantly when one consumes a caffeinated drink. Hence, if you moderate the intake of your coffee, you won’t experience any negative impacts.

#2 Coffee Can Help You Live Longer, Healthier Life

Coffee is a great source of antioxidants that can help your body deal with chemicals known as “free radical.” Thus, coffee fans are less likely to get diseases such as type 2 diabetes, Heart Disease, and Parkinson’s disease. However, it’s good to note coffee alone won’t help your body resist these diseases.

#3 Coffee Contains Vital Nutrients That You Require To Survive

It may be a surprising, but do you know that coffee contains necessary nutrients that you require to survive. A cup of coffee contains 11 percent of the daily recommended volume of Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), 6 percent Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid), 3 percent of Potassium and Manganese and 2 percent of Magnesium and Niacin.

#4 Consuming Coffee Helps Burn Fat

Researchers hold that drinking caffeinated beverages can enhance your metabolism 3% to 11%. Caffeine is actually one of the few compounds that can help you burn fat. After knowing this fact, you might increase the intake

#5 Iced Coffee Tends To Be Expensive Since It Uses Many Resources

Iced coffee requires plastic cups, double brewing and napkins (the second brewing aims at making the coffee stronger). Ideally, the resources require making iced coffee are numerous. Also, making iced coffee may take a bit longer than hot coffee. The cost of the inputs makes the iced beverages a bit expensive compared to hot drinks.

#6 The 1st Webcam In The World Was Made For Coffee

In 1991, scientists at Cambridge University set a camera, to stream a footage live on the web allowing them to see if their coffee pot was empty or not. This idea would save them the disappointment of a coffee-less trip.

#7 Caffeine Enhances Your Performance When Working Out

Caffeine helps improve the adrenaline levels in your body and supplies fatty acids from fat tissues. These aspects results in better performance if you take caffeine before working out.

#8 Coffee Is Great For Your Liver

Coffee enthusiasts who consume 4 cups of coffee daily have 80% fewer chances of developing liver cirrhosis. This medical condition develops if the liver is affected by several diseases.

#9 The Most Expensive Coffee On The World Is Black Ivory, And It’s Prepared From Poop

The world’s most expensive coffee is prepared from elephant dung, and it’s known as Black Ivory Coffee. This coffee costs $50 per cup.

These 9 facts about coffee prove that the beverage has a lot of healthy benefits to your body. All you need is to moderate the intake to ensure you don’t experience negative impacts. You also need a perfectly brewed cup of coffee to realize the benefits.

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