7 Most Popular Coffee Brewing Methods

Coffee making is both an art and science that continues to evolve each day. In fact, new brewing methods seem to emerge often. The change in trends is attributed to the changing tastes and preferences of coffee drinkers. The introduction of new brewing tools and coffee types also contribute the emergence of new coffee making methods.

Most of these methods including Chemex, French press, pour over and siphon pot aren’t limited to coffeehouses. Today you can decide how you want to brew your coffee depending on your needs. You may want to try various brewing methods to determine your favorite.

Popular Coffee Brewing Methods


Chemex is a pour-over coffee brewing method that delivers strong coffee that isn’t too bitter. This method offers 4 custom ways to make coffee including Handblown series, Glass Handle Series, and Ottomatic.

The magic of the Chemex method comes from the narrow waist glass flask that contains paper filters. The filters eliminate coffee grounds and oils to give the coffee a unique, fine flavor.

French Press

French press is one of the best styles brewing methods that and the choice of most coffee fans. The methods produce full flavor, but the quality of the beverage largely depends on the ability of the coffeemaker.

Coffee grounds and hot water put into the brewer and left to brew for some minutes. You then press the plunger to tap the grounds into the bottom of the jar. To deliver fine coffee, French press relies on filters to remove the grounds.


Aeropress utilizes pressure to brew coffee. Coffee is steeped for 10 – 15 seconds and then pushed through a filter by pressing the plunger. This method uses a thin metal filter and Aeropress paper filter to remove grounds from the drink. You will get excellent coffee although it might be a little bit bitter.

Coffee Cone

The coffee cone is one of the oldest pour over method and least expensive coffee making method. This method can be comparable to automatic drip coffee maker, but it lacks coffee pot and doesn’t use electricity. The style requires you to use a filter paper to get strong coffee.

Automatic Coffee Maker

Automatic coffee makers are very popular and most used style of brewing coffee. Hot water drips through ground coffee held in a metal or paper filter; the brewed drink is then collected in a glass or thermal carafe. Mr. Coffee is among the popular automatic coffee makers available on the market today.


Percolator makes coffee by cycling boiling water through coffee grounds until you achieve the desired strength. The problem with this brewing style is that you may end up boiling the coffee resulting in bitterness.

Percolator exposes the grounds to higher temperatures than other brewing methods. Some coffee fans insist that this method delivers hot, strong coffee.


Technivorm is an aesthetic coffee brewer that not only colors your kitchen but also gives you a tastier drink. Coffee drinkers who use this brewing method love it due to its ability to deliver full flavor coffee. However, brewing coffee using this style might be challenging for novices, but once you master the operation, it will be a breeze.

Now you have the 7 most popular coffee brewing methods. You can choose a method that suits your needs or one that you find convenient. Remember you should have the necessary appliances and coffee.

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