Krups EA9010 Espresso Machine Review

Perhaps you have been going through a hard time scouring the web looking for a reliable espresso maker and you happen to stumble on the KRUPS EA9010. Well, you could be a beginner and the first thing to hit your mind would most probably be – Can this machine make excellent espressos? Is it worth every single buck? Well, I am not exaggerating anything or saying that this unit is a miracle performer. However, this machine is a high-end machine that is superb in very many ways.

Can you imagine that feeling of satisfaction when a machine that can brew, boil and even clean itself with a touch of a button? From the bean to the cup of your favorite beverage, this machine allows you to completely customize drinks in several styles.

Features of the KRUPS EA9010 Super Automatic Cappuccino Machine

From the bold design to the unwavering craftsmanship, Robert KRUPS has for sure diversified the coffee machine world by setting higher standards. Without being biased, the truth is that the KRUPS was designed to challenge coffee connoisseurs. This one-touch operation machine delivers an enjoyable espresso-making experience at home.

17 Recipes

Featuring a digital screen, this unit allows you to have full customization of 17 recipes, all at a touch of a button. Select the recipe of your choice, whether you woke up craving for aromatic coffee, Cappuccino or latte, and let the machine work out the rest.

Advanced Automated 2-Step Frothing Technology

Using an advanced 2 step technology, this machine froths delicious milk for you and your family. Expect rich and quality froth.

Patented Heating System

KRUPS uses a unique Thermoblock heating system that heats water quickly. This system ensures that optimum brewing temperatures are attained and maintained for perfect brewing results.

Metal Conical Burr Grinder

A very important feature that determines the quality of the espresso. The grinder ensures that the grounds are consistent in size though one can adjust the size manually. Additionally, the built-in burr grinder gives the EA9010 a professional touch.

Self-cleaning Mechanism

The patented cleaning system ensures you have no worry after your cup of coffee is ready. Some of the cleaning accessories included the water filter, cleaning tablets, descaling powder and the liquid cleaner for the steam wand.

Automatic Parameter Settings

Turn yourself into a Barista by manipulating the coffee strength, temperature, and water quantity settings. All these options are available to enable the user to enjoy his or her personal taste.

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  • Automated self-cleaning
  • Excellent performance
  • Lots of recipes to choose from
  • Prepare quality drinks with a push of a single button
  • Elegant milk frothing feature


  • Somewhat overpriced
  • Got no single manual controls that are preferred by home barista hobbyists

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can this machine brew using ground coffee?

Answer: Yes. However, it non-oily medium roasted beans are recommended for better results.

Question: Is it possible to make a large oz. of coffee?

Answer: Yes. Go to the coffee settings on the control panel and select your option then brew.

Question: How much space does this machine take? What are the dimensions?

Answer: The dimensions are 15.5L x 11.5W x 15H

Final Verdict

KRUPS EA9010 is an overpriced machine but a performance-deliverer. It goes beyond the café standards by producing great espresso at the push of a button. It is a super-automated machine that boasts of several features such as metal conical burr grinder, digital touchscreen, 17 recipes, 2-step frothing technology and much more. If you happen to be looking for a high-end hardware that can pull superb decent shots, I would recommend anything better.

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