Keurig K40 Elite Brewing System Review

Keurig has been trending in the marketplace for producing the sleekest and high- end coffee makers for decades. And the Keurig K40-elite brewing system is not an exception. What the company has done with this appliance is to produce a single-serve brewer that utilizes k-cups, has a 3-server sizes option, brews pretty fast up to six cups at once and retails for less than $300 on Amazon which is quite intriguing.

However, once the brewer is filled with water, it takes about 4 minutes for the water to heat up. During the heating process, the red light adjacent to the control center becomes illuminated and turns off once heated. The Keurig K40 Elite Brewing system comes packed with nice features that make coffee brewing a breeze as well deliver delicious beverages anytime you need it. The Keurig K10 review provides all the information you need to know about this coffee maker

Features of the Keurig K40 Elite Brewing System

Keurig K40 Elite Brewer can beat all other coffee makers out in the market thanks to its power of brewing coffee (brews in second’s time). What is more about this coffee maker is that it does the job without producing too much noise or vibrations? Other unique features that make this system helpful include;

Water reservoir

The Keurig K40 system features a 48-ounce removable water tank that can brew large amounts of drink at once before refilling with water. A removable reservoir ensures easy refilling and cleaning of the machine.  The water tank will let the user know when it needs attention since it’s visible from the front

Automatic on/off feature

The system heats up fast, and the auto shut-off function allows the brewer to shut down after two hours of inactivity. But if you are a coffee enthusiast who takes coffee frequently, you can disable this feature. The auto feature comes in when you forget to shut off the system after brewing you a perfect cup of espresso; hence it saves on energy.

Power and speed

Although the unit takes up to four minutes to warm water, it has a powerful motor of 1500 watts that makes it possible to brew a cup of coffee in 20 seconds time. This makes it easier to serve your guests fast without keeping them waiting. I also find the machine convenient especially when late for work.

Three cup size options

With the Keurig K40, you will get to enjoy 3-cup size options which include the 6 oz, 8 oz, and the 10 oz, sizes in less than one minute. This feature becomes helpful especially when everyone is in a hurry for work.

Drip tray

The Keurig K40 -Elite Brewing System features a drip tray that allows one to use travel mugs, thus preventing spills as well having to clean the coffee maker or the kitchen counter regularly. This makes the machine easy to use. Besides, this feature makes the unit ideal for the coffee enthusiasts who are travelers since it can allow the usage of travel mugs

Carafe and brewing basket

This machine introduces a carafe, water reservoir, and a brewing basket are dishwater safe hence allowing one save time and energy when it comes to cleaning the unit. The quality materials these products are made of makes washing them under running tap water easy.

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  • The machine is inexpensive.
  • Uses k-cup Variety.
  • The machine takes about 20 seconds to brew coffee.
  • Large and visible water reservoir.
  • Easy to use and insert the k-cup.
  • The unit accommodates travel mugs.


  • The machine takes too long to warm the water.
  • You might need extra bold k-cups for a fuller flavor.
  • The outer casing is made of plastic hence prone to breakage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Does the Keurig K40 brewer work with T-discs?

Answer: No, it uses only k-cup variety packs.

Question: Can you brew decaf, tea, and specialty like cappuccino?

Answer: Of course yes, the k-cup variety packs can brew hot cocoa, specialty, coffee, tea, and iced beverages as well. It brews in less than a minute.

Question: You said earlier that the machine prepares different beverages. How can I make an iced drink with the system?

Answer: Fill up a hot or cold beverage cup with ice. Then use iced drink cup and select high –setting. Once it’s completed, stir.

Final Verdict

Is your old coffee maker worn out and need replacement? Then think no further other than the Keurig brewers and the K40 Elite Brewing system to be precise. This coffee maker has proven to be ideal for home use where up to six people can use it. It brews a wide variety of tasty and flavorful brew both hot and cold in as little as 20 sec between each cup. Besides, it is easy to clean & maintain and for the travelers, it can accommodate travel mugs.

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