Keurig K145 OfficePRO Brewing System Review

The Keurig K145 office-PRO is a commercial grade coffee brewer that can be used both in the offices and at home. The system makes a perfect cup of tea, coffee, iced beverage or hot cocoa in less than one minute at the press of a button.This means you will never be late for work once you have the machine. It automatically turns -off after some hours of inactivity hence saving on energy. So there’s no need of hanging around to wait for the brewer finish brewing so that you can turn it off.

Setting up the Keurig office – PRO is much simpler even if you have never used it before. The unit comes with a sample box of twelve different k-cups. So if you are thinking of buying a coffee maker for your office, go for the Keurig K145 office-PRO, and we are quite confident it will serve you for years. Check the Keurig K145 reviews for all the details about this brewer.

Whom is this coffee maker meant for?

  • Offices
  • Home use

Features of the Keurig K145 Office-PRO Brewing System

What will guide you in choosing a specific coffee maker over the other? Feature highlights, right? The Keurig K145 office PRO features an array of unique and excellent features that make it prepare a delicious and flavorful brew in less than one minute. Compared to other coffee makers out in the market, this unit has proven to be excellent thanks to the;

Energy saving mode

The unit features an automatic turn off function that switches it off after two hours of inactivity. So you don’t need to be there all the time you are making your perfect cup of brew. Just put in all the ingredients and continue with your activities or relax on your sofa as you wait for the machine to finish brewing. The brewer will turn off itself after brewing thus saving on energy consumption. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

48-ounce water removable reservoir 

This feature enables the Keurig K145 office-PRO to brew large amounts of coffee or hot cocoa at once without having to refill the reservoir every time. You can prepare coffee for your whole family or share a perfect brew with your colleagues at work. For convenience, the removable water container makes it easy to refill with water rather than when fixed. It also makes cleaning of the machine easy

Removable drip tray 

The drip tray comes in handy especially when the liquid spills and requires some cleanup. The tray can be turned over or removed completely to allow the machine brew espresso in large & taller mugs. Besides, this function is useful when making coffee to travel mugs.

Performance and taste

The Keurig K145 brewer is built with a high brewing technology that delivers a nice & perfect cup of espresso. When compared with other brands, you will find coffee from this brewer much hotter and perfect. Therefore, if you need a coffee maker that will prepare excellent coffee in second’s time, then Keurig K145 brewer will do you better. The machine is durable and easy to use as well.

Design and features

The Keurig K145 has an exceptional looking design. Control panel of the brewer is simple to operate. The left-hand side of the machine features a water reservoir capable of holding multiple ounces of water. Besides, this unit is a commercial grade; it has heavy-duty pumps and cords as well.

Heavy –duty pump

Because this unit is purposely made for office use, it has a heavy duty pump that enables the machine to do this job. Unfortunately, the pump is a bit noisy for the first few seconds but not overwhelming

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  • Commercial grade made to be frequently used
  • Water tank discharge for easy storage of the unit
  • Can use any K-cup coffee, unlike v2.o units
  • Heavy gauge materials for high-volume use
  • Automatic turn off system
  • A removable water reservoir for easy cleaning of the unit


  • The unit produces too much noise
  • The coffee smells like plastic.
  • No fancy LCD readout

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Should my K145 office pro make that loud noise before & after brewing?

Answer: Of course yes, that is the heavy-duty pump doing its work. Besides, it is even better to have the pump noisier and have it keep the machine working than be silent and fail to work

Question: Can you change the temperature of the brew in this unit?

Answer: No, you can’t change it. The espresso comes out hot, but it does not stay hot when you add cold cream.

Question: Does the Keurig 145 only accept k-cups or does it use other brands?

Answer: It does accept other brands, but they must be labeled for Keurig.

Final Verdict

Keurig coffee makers have transformed the way espresso is brewed. Some people might consider the single- cup idea being problematic, but a range of flavors as well the versatility of the manufacturers makes this machine the most used appliance in our homes. The unit functions at ease and without developing any problems.

So if you are looking for a coffee maker that can make delicious and creamy espresso with the touch of a button, the Keurig K145 office-PRO is your ideal choice. Make your purchase today and start enjoying espresso in a revolutionary way right from your office or back at home with your family.

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