Jura J9 Review

An easy-to-use coffee maker is a good partner in your kitchen. If you want to save time in coffee brewing, you may want to try the Jura Impressa J9 One-ouch Coffee Brewer. With this coffee maker, you can brew the specialist coffee you desire faster. Its versatile nature allows you to brew various drinks including latte macchiato, cappuccino, and other coffee based drinks.

The automatic and programmable features ensure you get predictable output. The operation complements its grand brewing technology to offer quality coffee.

This coffee brewer has a stylish design that complements your other high-end kitchen appliances. However, you may be concerned about its weight; it weighs about 24 pounds. Hence, if you want a highly portable unit, this coffee maker won’t be a good choice. But the heavy duty design makes this machine ideal for use in cafes.

In this jura j9 review, we shall have an in-depth look at the machine including strengthens and weakness.

Whom is this product meant for?

This coffee maker is meant for those who like brewing large amounts of coffee at once. Those who like high-end features will also find this machine indispensable. The design makes it ideal for use in home and cafe kitchens. Thus, it’s meant for:

  • Housewives
  • Chefs

Features of Jura J9 Coffee Maker

This coffee brewer comes with high-end features to make your brewing simple. Its large footprint allows for features that are impossible in small units. You will appreciate the intuitive operation and adjustable coffee strength. The overall features of this coffee brewer are geared towards consistency and quality. The only pain is getting the settings right. Let’s explore the features;

15-bar pump

It’s equipped with a 15-bar pump for quality brewing. This feature complements with Thermoblock heating system to ensure faster and consistency brewing. It achieves the right temperature within 15-20 seconds for quick brewing. Extremely hot water passes over your grounds to extract full flavor.


This machine is programmable for ease of brewing. You can program the amount of water depending on the number of cups that you want to brew. It comes with an adjustable coffee strength. If you are keen on the taste of your coffee, you will appreciate this feature. The conical burr grinder is also adjustable for the convenience of brewing.

Simple Operation

It is simple to operate when you want to brew your favorite coffee drink. Simply use the Rotary Selection to select the specialist coffee you desire, press the button and then sit back for the machine to brew. After a couple of minutes, you will be ready to pour a tastier cup of coffee. With this simple operation, you can prepare a range of beverages including latte macchiato, cappuccino, and other coffee based drinks.

It comes with an LCD panel that displays your choices. The operation knobs are ergonomic to adding the ease of use. This unit allows you to brew into latte macchiato glass or a small espresso cup.

Straightforward cleaning

This coffee maker has a straightforward cleaning mechanism. The design features an integrated rinsing program. It has a cleaning and descaling program. Thus, cleaning the coffee reservoir and other components of the machine will be a breeze. You can descale it after every 100 uses to ensure you get a quality cup of coffee each time.

Energy Save mode

The Energy Save mode is one of the exclusive features of this coffee maker. Once it’s turned on, it will brew coffee slowly and save on power. However, this mode slows the brewing process, and you will have to wait for longer before your coffee is ready. If you want to save on time, it’s advisable to leave this feature disabled.

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  • Programmable amount of water
  • Adjustable coffee strength and conical burr grinder
  • Energy saving features
  • Has a descaling and cleaning program
  • An aesthetic outer finish


  • The energy save mode slows the brewing process
  • Large footprint and bulky
  • Design includes plastic components
  • Low height of spout

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. Can I use coconut milk or almond milk with this coffee maker?

A. No, the system doesn’t accommodate such inputs.

Q. Does it come with a steam wand to steam milk manually?

A. It doesn’t come with a steam wand. You can attach a container of milk.

Q. What is the distinction between the J9.3 and J9.2?

A. They have different firmware and production runs.

Final Verdict

The Jura Impressa J9 One Touch coffee maker is worth trying due to its great features. You can use it in the home kitchen or café, but it’s not ideal for the office. Some of the outstanding features of this coffee maker include automatic and programmable, adjustable coffee strength and conical burr grinder, thermoblock heating system and cleaning program.

We hope this review is useful and will help you to decide which coffee maker best suits your needs.

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