How To Use Keurig Coffee Maker

Using a Keurig Coffee Maker is simple and presents a fast way to prepare coffee and other drinks only using a K-Cup pack and water. Whether you are a novice or an experienced barista, you will find these brewers easy to use.

There are some aspects that you should know about Keurig brewers before proceeding to make a cup. First, Keurig comes three main models including Keurig 2.0 coffee makers, Keurig k-cup brewers, and Keurig commercial coffee brewers.

The general operation of these brewers is related. However, there are differences in the brew sizes and strengths, and the kind of beverages served. Some Keurig brewers can be used for both hot and cold beverages. Others can be used with both k-cups and coffee grounds.

Using Keurig brewers has two main parts, the preparation, and brewing.

What You will need to Get started

  • The Keurig machine
  • Your preferred k-cups
  • Water
  • Mug or jug and cup

Step 1 : Remove the Water Reservoir

Gently lift the water reservoir away from the machine or up. In some brewers, the reservoir is built-in, so you can’t remove it. In this case, you should fill the tank directly without removing it.

Step 2 : Fill the Water Tank

After removing the reservoir, get your water ready. Lift the lid which is located on the back or side of the machine. Depending on the design of the brewer, you use a mug or jug to pour water into the reservoir.

When filling the reservoir, check the gauge to avoid over filling it. If you want to use tap water, you can use a filter to eliminate minerals and impurities from the water.

Use of a filter will prevent a buildup of minerals in the brewer over time. After filling the reservoir, place it back in the machine.

Step 3 : Place Your Mug or Cup Underneath the Spout

Keurig coffee makers have a general pouring design. Place your travel mug or cup on the drip tray plate of the unit, under the spout.

This is where your coffee will pour into. Some Keurig brewers might not allow you to brew into large travel mugs. Other machines have removable drip tray for brewing into extra large travel mugs.

Step 4: Insert Your K-Cup

Lift the handle located in the front & center of the unit to insert a single K-Cup. Ensure the K-Cup enters into the machine correctly. Ensure the foil top is facing up.

You shouldn’t open the seal on the K-Cup; make sure it’s intact when placing it. The brewer prick pores in the sea & bottom of the K-Cup once the lid is closed allowing water to flow through during the brewing.

Step 5: Press the Brew Button to Start Brewing

There are various brewing options depending on the Keurig model. The options available include Brew button, brew size, and strength. Simply press brew button or select brew size to initiate the brewing process.

Based on the type of your Keurig brewer, you can select small cup (5.25 oz), or large mug (9.25 oz). These settings will allow you to brew into cups of different sizes.

Allow the brewing to continue without moving the cup or mug to avoid a mess. The brewing process might take 1 to 2 minutes depending on your model of the brewer.

Step 6 : Remove the Cup or Mug

When the brewing is complete, remove your cup or mug from the drip plate. In most Keurig brewers, the drink will stop pouring when the brewing is done.

Now you have made your first cup using the Keurig, coffee maker. You can make some conclusions based on the results of the process.

In case the mug or cup overflows, select a smaller size or use a larger cup for the next brewing. On the other hand, if you cup is still empty or half full, the machine might have clogged, or you may have used a larger cup.

Final Thought

When using the machine for the first time, you have to note some factors. You can cleanse the brew before brewing for the first time. To cleanse the brewer, fill the water reservoir and give it time to heat up, then place a mug at the bottom. Press brew size and allow the water to pour. Discard the hot water that pours out.

Remember to select your desired K-Cup for best results. There are numerous K-Cup brands available allowing you to select your favorite blend. Ensure to avoid the foil lid of the cups.

Additionally, remember not to open the K-Cup when inserting it into the machine. The Keurig brewers have an exclusive mechanism that perforates the k-cups.

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