How to Prepare A Coffee Latte At Home

Lattes are prepared from steamed milk and espresso. Buying latte every day can be pretty expensive, but you can make yours at home easily. If you want to make latte regularly, you can consider purchasing an espresso machine with a milk frother to ease the process.

Through simple steps, you can have your coffee latte for serving. The steps below require the use of an espresso machine.

Step By Step Guide To Prepare A Coffee Late 

#1 Grind Your Coffee

You will require finely ground coffee to make a latte. Observe the grinding process to ensure you get your desired results. When the coffee grounds stick or clump together, it’s an indication they are the right size. If you require added control and freshness, you may use a burr grinder. This grinder allows you to control how coarse or fine your grounds turn out.

#2 Prepare Your Milk

The volume of milk that you require depends on your needs. For a single serve, you can use 6 oz of milk. It’s good to use nonfat milk since it forms foam easily that milk with more fat. However, milk with high-fat level delivers a great taste. 2% nonfat milk forms a great foam and also makes your drink frothy and creamy. Latte enthusiasts who want to achieve tastier and unique drink may try out whole milk, but it’s hard to foam.

#3 Steam Your Milk

You can now pour your choice milk into a metal pitcher. Place the steam wand below the surface to create the froth required for a great latte. You should be careful when handling the handle of the pitcher (once it heats up) to prevent accidents. Most espresso machines allow you to open the steam hatch by turning a dial. Ensure to set the temperature between 150F – 155F, if your machine doesn’t have temperature control, you can use a thermometer. Once your milk forms small, light bubbles its ready.

#4 Measure The Coffee You Require For The Latte

You should be keen to measure the volume of coffee that will meet the number of servings. You can use a double shot of espresso for your latte. If you’re not sure of the amount, you can use mine; I usually add 18-21 grams of coffee for every espresso shot.

#5 Tamp Your Coffee

You require an espresso tamper to compress the ground espresso into the unit’s portafilter. Tamping helps to make a “puck” of coffee. When the coffee is evenly compressed, the espresso will also brew evenly.

#6 Prepare The Espresso Shots

You simply have to press the brewing button on your machine to start preparing the shots. Perfect shots have a dark to medium brown color. They may also have a cream or foam on the surface. You should brew the shot for about 30 seconds depending on your grind and espresso machine. Brewing for long may generate bitterness while short brewing may lead to loss of desirable flavors.

#7 Pour The Steamed Milk Over The Espresso

You require a spoon to control the flow of the foam into the espresso. Once you pour the desired amount of espresso, allow the foam to flow on top of the drink. You will have a creamy brown beverage that is served in the coffeehouse.

Flavoring ideas to make your coffee latte sweet and unique

Top it with sweetened whipped cream. This cream is a popular coffeehouse topping, and you can create yours at home. Alternatively, you can purchase it and store in the refrigerator.Flavored syrups are a great idea to make your latte more delicious. They come in a variety of flavors including caramel, vanilla, hazelnut and more.

You can shop for these flavored syrups at your local grocery. You can microwave the syrup for only 30 seconds before topping it to your latte.

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