6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Espresso Machine

Though there are different types of coffee drink by people around the world, the most popular is espresso. Every day, millions of people drink espresso. There is a particular way to make an espresso. Everything needs to be in the right amount to get the best taste. A professional barista can make a great cup of coffee because of his experience.

However, you can also make a cup of espresso at home. All you need to use is the best home espresso machine and quality coffee beans. There are different types of coffee machines you will find in local stores and online.

Just make a list which features do you want and order the best one for you. There are some unknown facts about espresso machines. Here I am going to share top 6 facts about espresso machine that probably you didn’t know.

  • You can Use Variety Of Coffee Beans

Espresso is not a type of beans. The drink is only known as espresso. You can use a variety of coffee beans in an espresso machine. It can be roasted coffee beans, or you can also use some other type of coffee beans. The espresso machine will extract the flavor from the beans.

Also, you don’t have to choose the coffee beans from a particular brand. You can even purchase coffee beans from a local vendor. The only thing you need to consider about coffee beans is its quality. Make sure you are choosing some fresh coffee beans for the best flavor.

  • You can Brew Variety of Coffee

I have seen so many people are confused about espresso machines. Most of the people think that they can only brew an espresso with their espresso machine. But let me explain, the espresso machine is like some other coffee maker machines. The specialty is, they can brew an espresso in the right way.

It doesn’t mean you can’t brew different types of coffee. You can use the same machine for other coffee types. Just need to modify the settings so that you get the right taste from the coffee that you are looking for.

So, you don’t have to purchase a separate machine for each type of coffee. However, before ordering, make sure that the espresso machine has the customizable setting option in the control panel.

  • How Much Pressure Need to Extract Flavor?

You are making your favorite espresso every day with the espresso machine, but have you though how the machine works? Well, an espresso machine needs to give accurate pressure on the coffee beans to extract the full flavor.

Though the pressure will vary with models of machines, but the minimum force required for the flavor extraction is 132 pounds per square inch of pressure. Some espresso machine may come with a different pressure. But it is necessary to have the perfect pressure bar for getting the right taste.

  • How many Beans Required?

Coffee lovers use a variety of coffee beans in the espresso machine. Have you though how many coffee beans does it require in an espresso machine? Though it sounds weird, but the information is interesting.

Well, when the machine works, it needs a minimum amount of coffee beans. In most of the espresso machines, per shot require 50 coffee beans. So, if you are thinking to use fewer coffee beans, it may not be possible in the machine.

  • Italian Govt. Monitor the Espresso Machine and Flavor

For Italian, espresso is not only a drink. Drinking espresso is a passion for them. Also, this is a daily part of their life. So, Italian govt. Regularly monitor the process of making espresso machine to the brewing process.

All coffee shops need to maintain a standard. Also, the coffee maker machine manufacturers maintain the quality standard in the espresso machine. That is the reason Italian coffee beans are exceptional among others.

  • Crema in Espresso is Not a Sperate Thing

Crema in the top of the espresso is a traditional thing. People have confusion how this crema comes in an espresso. Well, it depends on the espresso machine. When the bar presses the coffee beans for flavor extraction, it automatically makes some crema that we get in an espresso. Industrial espresso makers do heavy pressure, so those machines produce more crema.

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