DeLonghi ESAM3300 Review – A Supreme Machine For All Espresso and Coffee Enthusiast

If you want a coffee maker that has both grinding and brewing function, you may want to check the DeLonghi ESAM3300. This unit grinds beans before brewing to offer fresh, aromatic espresso. You can also use it for coffee, latte drinks, and cappuccino.The cappuccino system frother mixes steam and milk to deliver a rich, creamy froth that enthusiast drinkers like. The front panel of this unit provides easily accessible controls for personalized brewing.

You can brew into cups of different sizes since the coffee spigot height is adjustable. Other great features of this unit include 60-ounces water reservoir, 7-ounces bean container, and cup tray.

However, this unit is relatively costly and doesn’t have an automatic start function. These small drawbacks don’t affect the machine’s ability to deliver better tasting coffee based drinks. The coffee maker promises delicious aroma since traces of stale grounds are not left in the unit.

Features Of DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Espresso Maker

It comes with all the features that coffee fan desire. Although it lacks an auto start, you will appreciate features such as the integrated burr grinder.

You can brew personalized espresso by setting the grinding level. Also, the front panel allows for customized brewing. These features are meant to make your brewing simple and predictable. Here are full features of this coffee maker.

Compact and High-Performance

This unit features a new patented boiler that is very compact. The machine is space saving since it comes with an integrated quiet burr grinder. Its footprint is appreciable considering that it has both grinding and brewing functions.

However, it may not fit well in a small urban kitchen. You will appreciate its high performance. It distributes heat excellently during the brewing process to deliver a perfect espresso. It promises to deliver your drinks at the perfect temperature every time.

Timeless Reliability

You can rely on this coffee maker each time you want to a perfect cup of coffee. It comes with a stainless steel removable double boiler for ease of cleaning. The inside of the boiler can be cleaned easily to ensure you get tastier drinks each time.

Cleaning the unit regularly is necessary for keeping the best flavor possible. You will also minimize the need for servicing if you clean it often. You can clean the outside with a towel or cloth.

Ideal Aroma

Because the unit continues to brew and after that grinds beans, you are sure to get a perfect aroma. You’ll enjoy a delightful scent from the freshly ground coffee. The brewing system does not trap traces of stale grounds which assures authentic flavors.

Bean container and removable water tank

This Best super automatic Espresso Machine allows you to fill the water tank without shifting the machine. You can also empty the coffee grounds without moving the unit. The design of this coffee maker considers the importance of counter space in your kitchen.

The controls of this unit are at the front making it simple to operate. You will access the on/off and cappuccino system from of the machine. The front panel also has the option to adjust coffee tastes and water volume. In the coffee tastes option, you can choose short or long, strong or weak.

Integrated Burr Grinder

It comes with an integrated beans container. The grinding level allows you to customize your espresso. Apart from coffee beans such as espresso bean, you can still use this machine with ground coffee.

The manufacturer suggests the use of illy cafe for better tasting espresso. Illycafe is smooth, never bitter and balanced to offer consistent, unique taste cup each time. However, you can try other coffee grounds.

Coffee spigots and cup tray

The Magnifica’s spigot is adjustable to allow you brew into variable cup sizes. You can brew into a classic espresso and even into tall mugs. Hence, you can brew a cup of your favorite coffee into a travel mug and sip on the go.

The cup tray is comparable to those found in cafes. It helps keep the cups warm before use. That is an assurance that you will pour hot espresso or coffee.

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Why people love this machine

It has both grinding and brewing options. This aspect ensures fresh, tastier and aromatic espresso every time. The integrated grinder also helps save on space. This coffee maker is easy to clean since it features a removable drip tray.

Weakness of this machine

One shortcoming of this machine is that it’s a little bit noisy. Also, it doesn’t feature and automatic time, but you can use a clock timer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can this unit make Americanas?

A. Yes, you can use it to prepare Americano.

Q. Will this unit steam milk without frothing?

A. Yes, but the type of milk determines the amount of froth you achieve.

Q. Will this machine work with 220v?

A. No, this model is mainly made for the US market. You can use it with 110v and 120v only.

Final Thought

The DeLonghi ESAM3300 is a great machine for those that need to brew different beverages including latte drinks, espresso, cappuccino, and coffee.It features excellent features such as integrated burr grinder, coffee spigots, removable water tank, cup tray and bean container.

The coffee strength level and water quantity are adjustable allowing you to prepare custom drinks. Although this machine is relatively noisy, it’s worth the value of your money. We hope this review is useful and will help you choose the best coffee maker with a grinder.

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