Cuisinart DCC 3000 Review

The Cuisinart DCC-3000 lets you have a cup of your favorite coffee when you need it. This coffee maker is designed to dispense one cup at a time with an easy-to-use actuator. It holds about 12 cups of coffee so you can pour at your convenience. With an easy to read coffee gauge, you can easily determine how many cups of coffee are left.

A double-wall coffee reservoir helps to maintain the temperature of your coffee for long.You will appreciate the charcoal water filter that keeps you coffee tasting better.You don’t have to bother about the operation since the machine is fully programmable. It has an auto shutoff and self-clean functions making it ideal for use in home kitchens and cafes. If you love to brew smaller amounts, you will find the 1-4 cup setting helpful.

Below is the Cuisinart dcc-3000 review. The review covers all the features of this machine including its benefits and downsides.

Whom is this product meant for?

This coffee brewer is ideal for those who like fast brewing. Those who love to limit the amount of their brew will also find it useful due to the 1-4 cup setting. It has café quality features making it ideal for baristas. Thus, it is great for:

  • Housewives
  • Chefs

Features of the Cuisinart DCC-3000 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

An outstanding feature of this coffee maker is the ability to dispense one cup at a time. It’s also easy to use and clean since it has a removable water reservoir. The coffee reservoir is also removable for simple cleaning. It is full of excellent features that ensure you get better tasting coffee each time.

Large coffee reservoir

The reservoir of this coffee brewer holds up to 12 cups of coffee so you can brew large amounts at once. However, the 1-4 cup setting feature offers you the chance to brew a small amount of delicious coffee. The coffee reservoir has a double-wall that keeps your coffee warm for hours.

Removable water and coffee reservoir

Both the water and coffee reservoirs are removable for painless operation. The water reservoir detaches to allow easy filling when you want to prepare your favorite coffee. The coffee reservoir detaches for simple cleaning. The unit has a self-cleaning feature, but you have to clean the filter frequently.

Easy-to-use control panel

This coffee maker comes with an easy-to-use control panel for straightforward operation. A coffee gauge displays the amount of remaining coffee. The clock display shows time of the day and on-off times. It has well-displayed function knobs that allow you to program coffee brewing. Other features of the control panel include a light indicator, audible tone, and clean setting.


The showerhead helps to distribute water uniformly over the coffee grounds, limiting temperature loss as water moves through grounds. This feature allows for great extraction to ensure you get the full flavor. A ready tone notifies you when the brewing is done so that you can pour a cup of your favorite coffee.

Dispenser lever and light

This coffee maker features a dispenser level that allows you to dispense coffee into travel cup or mug. The dispenser light notifies you when you press the dispensing lever. Next, the coffee pours into the cup.

It comes with a power loss back-up system. It offers one-minute protection against losing the programmed settings in case of power failure; the unit is unplugged or breaker trips.

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  • Fully automatic, you can pre-set it to brew in 24 hours.
  • Coffee and water reservoir are simple to clean.
  • 1-4 cup setting for small amount brewing.
  • Brews at 190 degrees for full flavor extraction.
  • The light dispenser feature is great.
  • It doesn’t leak.


  • Water tank is relatively small.
  • It has a large footprint.
  • The filter requires frequent cleaning.
  • The drip tray also needs constant cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. Will I get the smell of the brewing coffee?

A. Yes, you will get the smell and see the steam of the coffee. However, that may depend on the type of coffee.

Q. How tall is this coffee maker?

A. It’s about 15 inches

Q. Does this coffee maker use K-cups?

A. No.

Final Verdict

If you’re a coffee avid, you should shop for great machines like the Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee-on-Demand 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker. This coffee brewer comes with high-end features that are desirable in every brewing session. It comes with removable coffee and water reservoir, charcoal filter, coffee gauge, showered and dispenser lever. The coffee maker is high affordable and worth the value of your money.

We hope the Cuisinart dcc-3000 review is invaluable and will guide you to make a choice. You can also compare this machine with other brands on the market.

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