Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Machine Review

The Breville BDC650BSS offers you the convenience of grinding and brewing coffee within a single unit. This coffee maker features an adjustable grinder and calibration function that allows you to grind before brewing. Most features of this unit are meant to offer you custom grinding and brewing.The 8 strength settings and programmable auto-start will suit your individual needs. The fast brewing system helps preserve the volatile aromatics of your coffee. You will appreciate the ability of this machine to capture essential oils and freshness from the coffee grounds. The stainless steel burrs offer uniform ground particle sizes for balanced, full flavored cup.

Despite these great features, this unit is a bit slow when brewing in a single cup mode. You may realize that some single serve coffee makers prepare coffee relatively faster than this machine. However, the ease of use and design outweighs the shortcomings.

Check the Breville Grinder Coffee maker review to determine if this coffee brewer is suitable for your needs. You may also want to find out why other users love it and its weakness.

Features of the Breville BDC650BSS Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

This unit comes with great features for better tasting coffee each time. You will find this coffee maker convenient to use either at home or in the office. It comes with programmable and adjustable features to make your coffee brewing a breeze. The machine has a beautiful design and silver finish that makes it aesthetic in the kitchen.

8 Strength Settings

This coffee making machine offers you up to 8 strength settings. This feature is ideal for those who are keen on the taste. You have the freedom to select from the 8 strength settings for custom brewing. You have the option to use pre-ground coffee if you want to avoid the mess of grinding. Thus, you won’t have to rely on either ground coffee or coffee beans fully. The machine offers you the chance to brew coffee the way you love it.

Brewing Capacity

This coffee maker allows you to choose different brewing sizes. It allows single cup brewing with variable capacity options. Thus, you can brew into a travel mug and small cups. The single serve option is ideal when you want to prepare just a single cup. However, if you want to entertain your friends or family, you will find the carafe useful. You can brew into a 12-cup carafe to suit large brewing needs. Also, you can brew a large amount of your favorite coffee and pour at your convenience.

LCD Screen

The LCD screen makes this coffee maker intuitive. It helps you predict the brewing process by displaying various aspect of the process. First, the display offers real-time feedback on the water level. Hence, you will know when to refill. It shows the grind size and strength selection helping you predict the outcome. You will see the brewing time on the LCD screen to know how long the process takes. This option is great when you set the auto-start function. All the selected settings will be displayed on the screen making its simple to operate.

Programmable Auto Start

This unit allows you to program when you want it to start brewing. It auto starts grinding and proceeds to brew coffee at the selected time. This feature is ideal if you want to wake up to a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. You can control the pre-brew temperature. It delivers water at a perfect temperature from a cold start. These functions make this coffee maker simple to use and ideal for all coffee drinkers.

Removable Drip Tray

When you want to brew into small or large mugs, the removable drip tray will come in handy. It offers 7.5-inch height clearance to fit cups of different sizes. Hence, you can brew into travel mugs without any hassle.

Brewing Technology

It has a steep and releases technology for convenient grinding and brewing. The burr grinder comes with 6 different settings to enable you to achieve optimal grind. The grind control features a cleaning brush plus gold tone filter for ease of cleaning.

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Why People Love This Machine

It can brew into a single cup with different sizes or up to 12-cup carafe. The brewing capacities help control the amount of coffee you want to brew at once. Also, this unit has adjustable grind size and strength settings. These settings allow you to control the flavor and strength of your coffee.

Weakness Of This Machine

This unit is relatively slow to when brewing into a single cup. It may take an extra minute to brew into your travel mug. However, the brewing time is appreciable and worth than in some drip machines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can you use ground coffee or should you start with coffee beans each time?

A. The grin-off feature enables you to use pre-ground coffee. So you use either ground coffee and coffee beans.

Q. Does this machine feature a warming plate?

A. No, this coffee brewer does not have a warming plate.

Q. Does it come with a filter? What type of water should I use?

A. It does not come with water filter, so it is recommended to use filtered water.

Final Thought

The Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control is a great machine if you to combine both grinding and brewing. It helps you save money and kitchen counter space since you don’t have to purchase a separate grinder. You can use it to brew into a single cup or carafe for several servings. You will appreciate its great features including strength and grinding settings, programmable auto-start and LCD screen.

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