Breville Bes870xl Review

Coffee drinkers always desire to balance between convenience and great espresso taste. Achieving this isn’t a breeze unless you got a reliable machine like the Breville BES870XL Barista Express Machine.This beast has high-end components that will pull decent shots of coffee whether used by beginners or experienced baristas.

It boasts of Italian Manufactured Thermo coil heating system that delivers excellent full-flavored espresso brewing. One of the most amazing features of the Breville is the integrated conical burr grinder that optimizes flavor extraction. Those that have mastered the art of espresso goes through a challenging experience but at the end appreciates the noticeable and thick espresso. Budding baristas deserves an excellent espresso maker that delivers flawless performance and taste.

The Breville espresso bes870xl is for those that are obsessed with the coffee bean habit. You can be sure to get an amazing reward once this unit sets foot in your house. When compared to its competitors such as De’Longhi Dedica, this unit throws superior coffee flavors and a rich crema. Actually, the Breville offers more than we could have asked for from a home machine.

The good part is that this unit comes with a grinder that lacks in several fancy Italian machines. If you are ready to unleash your true barista skills, grab this and turn your home into a renowned coffee restaurant.

Whom is this product meant for?

If the super-automatic functionalities of higher-end espresso machines drive you crazy, then the Breville Barista Express should be your pick. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy quality grinds and rich coffee flavors at a fraction of the price.

Some of the professional features that differentiate this machine from its competitors include the PID regulated temperature controls, 15 bar pump and a swivel mounted steam wand. If you think you belong to categories below, then this incredible coffee maker deserves a place of honor in your home:

  • Professional baristas
  • Superior coffee flavor lovers

Features of the Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

Everybody loves fresh and quality espresso in the world of the cup of Joe. Achieving that doesn’t come easy, one requires an espresso that goes beyond the ordinary home machine standards. The Breville BES870XL stands out from the rest by delivering flavorful espresso shots. Wonder why? Check out some of its incredible features:

15 bar Italian Pump & 1600W Thermo Coil Heating System

Pressure and temperature regulation plays a crucial role in any espresso and determines the end results. This 15 bar pump regulates the pressure range while the Thermo coil system ensures optimum temperatures.

This is the feature that gives the Breville Espresso a full-flavored characteristic. In addition, an espresso gauge display allows you to monitor the extraction pressure during the brewing process.

Purge Function

Achieves optimal espresso extraction by automatically regulating the water temperature after steam. This auto-function helps to bring back the temperatures to the recommended extraction settings.

Integrated Burr Grinder & Bean Hopper

Espresso making is an art and science. Getting the best results requires the perfect grind size. Unlike other home machines, the Breville comes with a burr grinder that solves this problem.

You, therefore, don’t need to break the banks looking for a high-quality grinder machine. The half-pound hopper system has a locking mechanism that makes removal, storage, and transfer of beans easy.

54 mm tamper

A feature for the expert baristas. You can enjoy effective tamping control every time you lay your hands on this machine. Additionally, the tamper control features magnetized storage and is removable.

Stainless Steel wand

Take the entire frothing experience into your own hand. The swivel ball-mounted steam wand allows the user to position the pitcher for optimal froth control. Enjoy effortless milk texturing by utilizing the 360-degree steam wand.

Grind size and amount selector dials

Any coffee enthusiast will for sure appreciate the fact that Breville Barista Express was designed with the consumer in mind. One of those features include the grind settings that let you maneuver from fine to course settings.

Filter Size Button

Indicates whether it is the single or double wall filter basket that is in use. The grinder dispenses the appropriate amount of grind coffee depending on the filter type.

Additional features

As if that is not enough, the BES870XL goes a step further to make the barista experience more awesome with the following features:

  • The “Clean me light” that indicates when it is time to clean up
  • 67 Fl. Oz. Removable water tank

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  • Easy to clean
  • Superior coffee flavors
  • Excellent, rich and thick crema
  • Built-in grinder
  • Beautiful and stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable brewing temperatures


  • Requires some effort to operate

Final Verdict

The BES870XL Barista Express is the latest version of Breville espresso machines. It features a built-in grinder and other commercial-grade features. Some of the upgraded features include the hopper styling and the drip tray that makes brewing a breeze.

Versatility is highly incorporated into this performer. There a number of tweaking settings and dial options that allow you to pull the espresso shots of your choice. Generally, the machine has everything it takes to turn you into a full-experienced barista.

You will appreciate its superior flavors that kick starts your day in style. I highly recommend it to the coffee lovers that intend to strike a balance between brewing convenience and great taste.

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