Best Espresso Tamper In 2017

When brewing, espresso needs to be packed compactly in the portafilter container. A tamper will be a perfect solution for this purpose. In fact, coffee fans consider a tamper as an essential tool for great espresso. The best espresso tamper makes a great difference in the quality of your coffee.

There are other tools for tamping espresso, but none does it better than a tamper. Even plastic tampers that come with some espresso machine might not perform great. Baristas and enthusiast coffee drinkers have invested in various tampers. Every shot is a subject of the brewing method and tools including a tamper.

You might be wondering what a tamper is and why you need one. Tamping is the procedure of compressing ground coffee beans in a portafilter or filter cup before brewing. Tamping helps to distribute the coffee beans evenly. The process also packs the beans firmly into the filter cup. Tamping is required to slow the flow of water through the filter cup during brewing. Thus, water spends more time in contact with the coffee beans. The result is the extraction of deep flavors into the cup. Serious coffee drinkers consider a tamper as a must have coffee tool.

Recommended Espresso Tamper Reviews

After examining multiple tampers, we present the best espresso tampers on the market. This tampers compress espresso ground perfectly. The extraction results in a satisfying cup of espresso in every brewing process. This barista recommended espresso tampers are durable, easy to use and affordable. You can check the tampers to determine the one that suits your specific needs. Remember to consider the size of the bottom and weight.

 1. HIC Two-Sided Espresso Tamper

The HIC 2-Sided Espresso Tamper offers you rich flavor by tamping down your espresso. It comes with two flat tamping services to deliver the best results. The tamping sides measure 50mm and 55mm. This tamper is short, 2.75-inch tall increasing its usability. Its design and size are meant to fit in your hands comfortably.

You will have a comfortable grip when tamping down your coffee thanks to the flared handle. It’s durable, yet very affordable for average users. Cleaning this tamper is a breeze. Simply wipe off grounds from the surfaces. Then hand wash with soapy water and dry with a towel or piece of cloth. The primary complaint about this tamper is a case of staining.

2. Rattleware 53-Milimeter Aluminum Tamper

If you want basic tamper, the Rattleware is a great choice. This tamper is ideal for all your basic tamping needs. You can make it an everyday use tool in your kitchen. It is well proportioned to be easy on your hands. So you will have a simple time tamping your espresso each time.

The Rattleware features a matte finish making it durable and aesthetic. The aluminum material further enhances the durability of this tamper. It measures 53 mm and is lightweight, weighing about 6.4 ounces.

The bottom is totally flat with no taper edges. The flat design makes it a good fit for your portafilter and increases it tamping ability. You can even use this tamper with a manual espresso machine. However, the manufacturer cautions users to measure the insider of their portafilter insert to warrant proper fit.

3. Rattleware 53-Milimeter Round-Handled Tamper

The Rattleware 53-Milimeter Round-Handled Tamper will improve the quality of your brewing. It is a good replacement of plastic tampers that come with some coffee machines. Within just a few seconds, this tamper will get the job done.

This tamper reduces the brewing process preventing loss of flavor and aroma. It has a plastic handle that might be a bit uncomfortable. But it is impact resistance.

A stainless steel base makes this tamper solid. The base also makes the results consistent. It has a flat edge for smooth tamping.  The main shortcoming of this coffee tool is the top part which is made of plastic.

4. Rattleware 58-Milimeter Round-Handled Tamper

If you want a larger tamper, the Rattleware 58-Milimeter Round-Handled Tamper is a good choice. It’s highly durable for extended use. This tamper applies even force to your espresso to enhance flavor extraction. It’s lightweight for effortless tamping.

Cleaning this tamper is simple since it doesn’t stain. Simply wipe off excess grounds. Then hand wash it with soapy water. This affordable tamper features a steel base.

The manufacturer suggests you measure your portafilter insert to ensure it will fit. It’s advisable to choose a tamper that will fit your basket to avoid frustrations.

The design and outstanding finish of this tamper make it a great purchase.

5. Upgraded, HeavyDuty,Low Profile Blender Tamper/Accelerator for Vitamix

This tamper for Vitamix is simple to use and delivers quality results for thick and heavy ingredients. Its design allows you to push ingredients down to the blades without affecting the blades.

The flat and functional bottom is meant to ensure you achieve your desired mixture. This tamper is more durable than most other tampers on the market. The durability is ensured by a heavy duty and thicker design.

It’s designed for use with 40-ounce Vitamix and 64-ounce Low Profile containers. You are sure of hygienic and safe tamping since the tool is BBPA free. The tamper is top rack dishwasher safe making it simple to clean. It’s an upgraded blender tamper to improve results when using Vitamix containers.

6. RSVP Terry’s Tamper for Espresso

The RSVP Terry’s Tamper delivers professional results for espresso. It’s designed by an experienced barista to tamp down espresso. Aspiring baristas will find the tool very useful in the kitchen.

This coffee tool is made of heavy cast alloy to serve you for an extended time. It quickly wipes clean after use. A two side design, top, and bottom are meant to increase convenience during use.

The top measures 50 mm while the top measures 55 mm. With a weight of 4.2 ounces, you can hold this tamper with ease. If you want to press your espresso grounds into the espresso holder, this tamper will make the grinds compact.

7. VonShef Barista Coffee Tamper

The VonShef Coffee Tamper is meant for those who want a versatile coffee tool. You can use it with all types of coffee and espresso machines. A lovely aspect is that this tamper delivers quality results with any machine.

Coffee enthusiasts know that compressing coffee in the portafilter leads to quality extraction. This tamper compresses coffee to offer a more satisfying cup of coffee.

A deluxe stainless steel material will ensure you continue tamping your espresso for long.

It has a height of 3.15 inches for quality end results. Whether you are a barista or want to prepare a satisfying cup at home, this tamper is a great purchase.

8. Espro Calibrated Flat Tamper

The Espro Calibrated Flat Tamper is a solid coffee tool for everyday use. The weight of this tamper is perfectly balanced for ease of use. It allows you to push a force of 30 pounds when tamping your espresso. This force is ideal since it promotes quality extraction.

Also, the force doesn’t disrupt your espresso grounds. It comes with calibrated right from the factory. Meaning you won’t have to adjust or recalibrate it.

When this coffee tool reaches the calibration point, it has a very gentle and subtle click. A combination of aluminum and steel material makes this tamper sturdy. It weighs about 1 pound for quick and simple tamping.

9. Premium Quality Coffee Espresso Tamper

This Premium Quality Coffee Espresso Tamper is ideal for use in the café and at home. It applies the right pressure on the coffee powder to enhance the extraction.

You can choose from different sizes from 49mm to 58.35mm. Thus, you will not miss a tamper that suits your specific needs. This coffee tamper is of high-quality and affordable for all coffee fans.

The handle of this tamper is made of Delrin, a crystalline plastic. This material has high tensile strength, toughness and is creep resistance.

However, this tamper is a bit heavy and might not be convenient for some tamping jobs.

10. BlueSnail Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper

The BlueSnail Stainless Coffee Tamper is perfect for tamping fresh ground espresso. Before brewing, you can use this coffee tool to compress the grounds for great extraction.

It is the most affordable tamper in these reviews, yet it offers appreciable results. The external body is made of stainless steel for durability. The internal is made of iron to improve its strength.

An ergonomic handle ensures your tamping is enjoyable. It’s not hollow like plastic tampers to ensure it exerts sufficient pressure on your espresso.

A flat base enhances its functionality in each tamping job. It has a based diameter of 51 mm, height of 80mm and weighs only 570g.

What To Look When Select The Best Espresso Tamper

There are many espresso tampers in the market today which might make the selection process difficult. We have covered the factors that you need to consider when making a selection. This guide will make your selection simple and enjoyable.

Size of the bottom

The size is the primary consideration when choosing an espresso tamper. You should first measure the inside of the portafilter insert. Then choose a tamper that will fit exactly into the cup. You might also discover some tampers that can be used with filter cups of different sizes. The trick is to get a coffee tool that will compress your espresso perfectly.


Espresso tampers are made of different materials including aluminum, steel, iron and plastic. It’s good to check the material since it determines the durability of the tool. Aluminum, steel and iron tampers are generally durable. You might also want to choose a plastic tamper since it’s affordable. In case, you go for a plastic tamper ensure its BPA-free, stain resistance and hardened.

Ease of use

Baristas advise coffee fans to choose tools that are simple to use. The usability of a tamper is determined by several factors including its weight. The design of the handle also determines whether a tamper is simple of difficult to use. Polished and ergonomic handles make espresso tampers simple to use. You want a tamper that is simple to hold in your hands when tamping your coffee grounds.


The compatibility of an espresso tamper is a vital factor to check. Some tampers are designed for use with different coffee machines. However, some tampers are designed for specific containers. For instance, Vitamix tampers are only meant for use with Vitamix containers. It’s advisable to choose a universal tamper since you can use it with multiple containers.

Final Thought

An espresso tamper is a must have coffee tool for coffee enthusiast. Tampers ensure total extraction of coffee flavors, oils, and aromas to offer a better tasting cup of coffee. This review has presented the best espresso tampers on the market today.

You can make your selection by considering the size of the tamper, material, compatibility and ease of use. You can recheck the reviews to make a selection.

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