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Having a cup of coffee in the morning is an old habit, as you know the old habits do not die easily, same is the case with this one. It feels good to have it in the morning but drinking it three to four times a day, with all of the caffeine in it, can cause serious problems to health and this is what we are concerned about. We just wanted to have something which can give me the same taste and feel of coffee but without the side effects and that is when we started to look out for alternatives.

Therefore, to make it easy for you to find out substitute we have decided to make a list of best coffee substitutes which can work as pretty good alternative for your coffee, and absolutely for mine as well. There is a certain criteria that we followed to select these substitutes the criteria for selection included these things,  coffee-like delicious taste, it should be energizing like your regular coffee, it should not have bad effects on your health as coffee, should boost your health in one way or another, availability and ease of preparation. Moreover, we will also talk about pros and cons of each alternative, so let’s get started with our list of best coffee substitutes.

Reviews Of the Top 7 Coffee Substitutes

NoNameOur Rating
1.Cafix Coffee Substitute 4.8
2.Earl Gray Black Energy Tea4.5
3.Beyond Organic Coffee Alternative 4.4
4.Teeccino Vanilla Nut Chicory Herbal Coffee Alternative 4.7
5.Capomo Coffee Substitute3.5
6.Ayurvedic Organic Coffee Substitute 4.3
7.Dandy Blend 4.7

1. Cafix Coffee Substitute

One can say that the Cafix coffee substitute, which was made about forty years ago by Carl Moll, is the younger brother of Postum even if they do not agree to call it grandchild of Postum. The taste you will get out of Cafix coffee substitute is rich and offers a more coffee like feeling to taste buds, all of these good things without having caffeine in it and causing problems to your stomach or nervous system.

It is not just your another decaffeinated coffee substitute product but a healthy replacement of coffee which contains all natural ingredients in it which are, without a doubt, caffeine free so that your wife, parents and you yourself can enjoy drinking it. The ingredients from which it is made of are roasted barley, rye, chicory and sugar beets, it comes in two type of flavors, Café Instant and Café Instant Beverage Crystals, the Cafix Coffee Substitute Crystals have no cholesterol, low sodium content and comes without trans fat.


  • A good taste is what you will get from this and without any caffeine in it
  • Does not stain your teeth like coffee does.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Not as good as Postum.
  • Have chickory among its ingredients which contains inulin.
  • Have bit roasted grains like taste.


The Cafix Coffee Substitute have a good taste if you find your way to prepare it well and in this price range it is possibly best alternative out there in market and we highly recommend it.

2. Earl Gray Black Energy Tea 

It is a premium energy tea which comes with same coffee like taste and you can call it a coffee but without having downsides of actual coffee. This tea has the amount of caffeine which can be compared to actual coffee, but this caffeine is all natural extracts which come from leaves of tea plants, thus making it an excellent substitute for coffee which is not affecting the health.

It is named as top new tea product in the market and it was selected for its specific energy providing features coupled with delicious and strong flavors. It contains as much caffeine as coffee but it is all natural caffeine and the amount of caffeine per cup is three times more than normal level of caffeine found in usual tea cups, this is what makes Earl Gray Black Energy Tea the best tea product available in the market.


  • It is having natural caffeine from tea leave extracts
  • Gives you the energy that you would expect from coffee
  • It is healthy alternative for coffee


  • It is a bit expensive and tastes bitter if you are not accustomed to it
  • It does have caffeine but this does not gives coffee type of energy
  • Leaves bad smell in your mouth


It contains natural caffeine without having side effects on your health and this is one product for you to purchase if you can tolerate the price range they have set and get accustomed to its bitter taste.

3. Beyond Organic Coffee Alternative 

The negative effects and reactions of coffee contain caffeine have been all around archived. Customary stimulated coffee expands causticity; can cause indigestion; can compound ulcers, gastritis, IBS, Crohn’s malady, and colitis; meddles with legitimate assimilation; is a diuretic that adds to lack of hydration; antagonistically influences mineral ingestion; can influence the body’s capacity to separate and utilize protein; can make fretfulness, uneasiness, and trouble dozing; builds pulse and breathing rate; raises push levels; and, it is likewise addictive.

Furthermore, this Coffee was designed by Ellis Percy of Spruce Bush Farm in Maine and the Percy, this product is a natural, veggie lover item that contains simmered chicory, grain, and rye, each of which has numerous medical advantages.


  • It can be called as best grain drink which have great taste and still do not have caffeine and is non acidic in its nature
  • It is called as organic and do not contain any kind of GMOs
  • This coffee substitute improves digestion and sleep and can be brewed in the same manner as coffee


  • Beyond Coffee does not taste like coffee it have its own taste
  • It is costlier than Cafix Coffee Substitute Crystals and Earl Gray Black Energy Tea
  • More focused on health not on taste


It is a good replacement if you are looking for caffeine free coffee substitute but you may not get the taste you would have wanted. It is not recommended because you have better options to choose from.

4. Teeccino Vanilla Nut Chicory Herbal Coffee Alternative 

On the off chance that you need to take a break from espresso, for one minute or for good, appreciate a delightful, powerful measure of Teeccino whenever of the day and it’s yummy after supper and children can drink it as well.

Think Mediterranean carob, chicory and grain mixed with brilliant broiled almonds and daintily sweetened with dates and figs – unadulterated fixings that taste delectably like espresso when they’re changed into Teeccinoa. You can also mix it with your normal coffee and reduce the amount of caffeine you drink in a day. Furthermore, you can use it as complete replacement of coffee and it is also easy to you because of its tea bags, all you need is hot water and a little mixing.


  • It is a number one caffeine free coffee substitute
  • The taste of herbs coupled with taste of coffee makes it perfect to drink any time
  • It provides energy from natural nutrients and does not use any stimulants to do so


  • It does not taste like coffee but its taste is not that bad either
  • You will feel dehydrating after drinking just like coffee
  • It is priced higher than above mentioned alternatives


It is a good herbal coffee substitute with wide variety of flavors and health benefits but the taste does not seem to be much like coffee but still it is very good and we will recommend this to you as well.

5. Capomo Coffee Substitute

This caffeine – free superfood drink looks, tastes and smells fundamentally the same as espresso, while gloating incalculable medical advantages and Capomo is rich in common flavor and is set up in an indistinguishable route from espresso. Furthermore, Capomo can be used at any time of day or night since it is free from caffeine, stimulants, sugar and gluten. It doesn’t build circulatory strain or heart rate, as espresso and other charged refreshments do.

Capomo coffee substitute is nature’s own premier free of caffeine coffee substitute and works as antioxidant as well. We had delicious hints of chocolate and cinnamon. Furthermore, it is very easy to make as you can use hot water and drip it in, french press or use coffee machine to prepare it. It is free of gluten, sugar, vegan and cruelty, dairy and soy and in addition it is having organic ingredients and have no GMOs which makes it good to use at anytime of the day.


  • It is fat free, does not have gluten and it is herbal drink as well
  • Have high concentration of Potassium, calcium and zinc as well
  • It is one hundred percent caffeine free


  • This one looks healthy but taste is not that good
  • Leaves bitter after taste as well


We personally did not liked its taste. However, it is good substitute if health is your priority and you do not mind the taste of herbs that it have.

 6. Ayurvedic Organic Coffee Substitute

In case you’re hoping to kick the espresso or caffeine propensity, or you’ve attempted other espresso substitutes and espresso substitution drinks without progress, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin your day with Ayurvedic Roast! If you are looking to start your day with a coffee and want to avoid caffeine going into your system then it is time for you to try Ayurvedic Roast which is caffeine free and contains roasted barley, chicory and rye mixed coupled with three antioxidants and Adaptogenic herbs. All of this contributes to its delicious taste, healthiness and a coffee like taste.

The Ayurvedic Roast does not contain GMOs and have number of health benefits. The wheat is not present in this and the amount of gluten is also low which is about nine parts per million. It does no cause acidity and the Ashwagandha herb is also used in it among other herbs, this herb improves thyroid functionality, lower cholesterol and also gives a boost to your immunity.


  • It is organic and have amazing nutrients in it
  • Healthy to drink
  • Can be used regularly to maintain good health


  • May taste bitter to you
  • May cause you gastro intestinal problems as well if it does not suit your stomach
  • More herbs, if you do not like herbs then it is not for you


Try it out for being herbal and nutrient value but check out for taste as well. It is not recommended because of the bitter taste.

7. Dandy Blend 

The sweetness some see in Dandy Blend is essentially from the fructose that happens actually in the underlying foundations of dandelion and chicory and many individuals require no extra sweeteners because it contains more than 50 follow minerals in each glass, a large portion of which the body uses to help blend mixes required during digestion.

It is free from all of ingredients that you do not want to have, such as caffeine, gluten, sugar, diary and wheat as well. It comes with many health benefits coupled with low crab and calorie. It is rich in minerals and contain sufficient amount of antioxidants. You will not get bitter taste and will not get acidity either. Above all, it is full bodied flavor and have the same texture as of real coffee. We are happy with this product, it tastes like a little watered down coffee but that is okay because overall taste is good and it does not leave you dehydrated after drinking like coffee. It makes Dandy Blend a good coffee substitute for us.


  • No caffeine
  • Do not cause bitterness and acidity
  • Does not have gluten


  • More focused on nutritional value
  • Watered down coffee like taste
  • You have to pay more than normal coffee substitutes to get this one


It is delicious, healthy coffee substitute which will give you smooth drinking without any negative impacts. You can try it out and we can say you won’t regret it.

Final Verdict

From all the coffee substitutes we have tried the Cafix Coffee Substitue Crystals, Teeccino Vanilla Nut Chicory Herbal Coffee Alternative and Dandy blend stands out. We do not get along with Capomo and Beyond Coffee because of their tastes and other problems. Here, have a look at our rating that we have made after testing out each product.

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