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You can brew your favorite coffee in different methods. If you want to brew a large amount of coffee in one coffee maker, then coffee percolator is the best. Different brands are manufacturing various coffee percolators with diverse features. You have mainly two options, the electric percolator, and the stovetop percolator. It is not mandatory to stick with a single type. There is a good variation in each type.

But it is hard to choose the best coffee percolator from hundreds of products. So, we have tested different products and collected various data from existing customers. Finally, we have made a list of top products. If you are looking for the best percolator, just go through the whole article.

Why Use Coffee Percolator?

Drip coffee brewers are excellent when you want the rich aroma, and they are best suitable for the home. But when you need something big with larger capacity, a coffee percolator is the right choice. With a coffee percolator, you can brew lots of cups at a time. Suppose there is a corporate meeting in your office, then a drip coffee brewer is not the practical solution because of small capacity. Percolator allows the users to brew and reserve the coffee warm for a long time in it.

What’s Special About Percolator?

If you are new with a coffee percolator, then maybe you have a question “what is the specialty of them?” Well, there are several benefits of a coffee percolator, and here we have shared some of them.

  • Percolator is a cost-effective coffee brewer with larger capacity.
  • It is a perfect solution for home and office parties.
  • Easy to carry with the carrying handle.
  • Serving and pouring coffee is easy with them.
  • You can use a percolator for a variety of coffee brewing methods.
  • Keep the coffee warm in it for a long time.

Things to Look For

Sometimes we see customers are complaining about a coffee percolator. This happens because most of the people don’t know what need to avoid when purchasing a coffee percolator. There are some features which indicate that this is a perfect product.

Avoid Percolator That Have

Cheap Material: Some products come with cheap raw materials. Usually, they don’t sustain for a long time. So, avoid those products.

Bulky Design: As you are going to carry the coffee percolator at different times, so it is necessary to prevent a percolator with heavy weight.

Stick in One Process: Coffee percolator which is not suitable for different types of coffee are not recommended.

Bigger Dimension: Coffee percolators with a larger size may cause different issues. So avoid them.

Good Percolator Should Have

Good Material: The first condition of a good percolator is the material quality. Try to go for some high-quality metal products.

Handle: This is a necessary element of a coffee percolator for easy carrying. Make sure that the handle is durable enough.

Proper Alignment: This is necessary if you are purchasing a stovetop coffee percolator. Without the proper alignment, you can’t stay sure about the coffee taste.

Bigger Capacity: To avoid multiple brewing, you should choose a coffee percolator with better capacity. Especially when you want to use it for office, higher capacity is required.

Top 8 Coffee Percolators of 2018

NoNameOur Rating
1.Farberware  8-Cup Coffee Percolator4.7
2.Presto 02811 Stainless Steel Coffee Maker4.8
3.Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic Coffee Percolator3.4
4.Hamilton Beach 40616 Electric Percolator4.0
5.West Bend 54159 12-Cup Electric Percolator4.2
6.Farberware FCP240 Percolator4.5
7.Elite Platinum EC-120 Maxi-Matic Percolator3.0
8.Medelco 8 Cup Glass Stovetop Percolator3.6

1. Farberware  8-Cup Coffee Percolator

Stovetop coffee percolators are inexpensive. If you need the best one, should choose the Farberware Classic stainless-steel percolator. As Farberware has an excellent reputation for their products, so you can stay relaxed about the quality.

It comes with an 8 cup of capacity and enough for a small family. You will love its mirror finish steel construction. There is a permanent filter basket with this coffee percolator to avoid the dirty paper filter. To keep the water safe from absorbing any undesirable odors or tastes, the interior is nonreactive. This stovetop coffee percolator ensures the great taste every time.


  • Durable stainless-steel construction for the longevity.
  • Comes with lightweight for easy carrying.
  • Easy to clean the outside and inside. Also, it is dishwasher safe.
  • 8-cup capacity to brew a good amount of coffee.
  • Suitable use with different types of the stovetop.
  • Good outlook with mirror finish.
  • Never spoil the original flavor of your coffee.
  • No need any paper filter for brewing.


  • This is not the ideal product for office.
  • Need to clean the percolator regularly.


We love this Farberware Classic Stainless-Steel coffee percolator because of its excellent construction and stunning outlook. Customers are highly satisfied with its performance. Because of the quality, this unit is one of the best sellers in the category of a coffee percolator.

2. Presto 02811 Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

You don’t have to avoid an electric coffee percolator because of the price. Presto 02811 has made it possible to get an electric coffee percolator within your estimated budget. It’s Comes with an extreme durability with the stainless-steel construction.

Presto 02811 coffee percolator has designed for the perfect taste of coffee. You can brew up to 12 cups of coffee within a few minutes. This is an easy pour spout coffee brewing system which provides the pure flavor of coffee. It is suitable to use at home or any small office. The lid is included with the product which helps to increase the pressure for faster brewing. The handle is durable and comfortable to hold. It remains cool during the brewing process. Compact design with lightweight for easy carrying and moving. Just set the percolator in a safe space, connect with the power, and it is ready for brewing coffee.


  • It is built of high-quality stainless steel for the durability.
  • Easy to clean the coffee percolator with a little bit of warm water.
  • Large capacity for the good amount of coffee at a time.
  • Require less time for the brewing process.
  • The indicator light will give the signal that coffee has brewed.
  • No expertise required for using.
  • Attractive outlook with and suitable for table service.


  • Need to use a paper filter which may make a messy condition.
  • Its price is a little bit high.


No need to judge the percolator by its price. You are going to love its performance a lot. No major issues have found about the product, so it is highly recommended.

3. Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic Coffee Percolator

There are different coffee percolators from some well-known brand. Cuisinart is one of the most popular brands among them. They have released this Cuisinart PRC-12 coffee percolator. This is a stainless-steel percolator which is suitable for faster brewing.

There is an indicator light in the percolator. Brewing a coffee with this product is easy. Just start the percolator and wait for the signal light. Compact design and lightweight for easy moving. Though the product is made of stainless-steel, its construction quality is inferior. Most of the customers have a complaint that the percolator has stopped working like new after a few months. Also, it’s hard to clean the whole unit.


  • Its price is affordable for all.
  • Comes with a robust design.
  • 12-cups maximum capacity.
  • Comes with a durable lid.
  • The cool stay bottom for hassle-free pouring.
  • Indicator light for easy brewing.


  • This is not an ideal product for the longevity.
  • Fewer features compare with other products with the same price.
  • Coffee flavor is not so high as we expected.
  • The spout is too short.
  • Comes with a plastic top which is not durable.


Though Cuisinart is a reputed brand, but this percolator from them doesn’t come with the best quality. There are several issues with it and not recommended if you want to use it for a long time.

4. Hamilton Beach 40616 Electric Percolator

If you are a coffee lover and love to brew yourself, you may know about Hamilton Beach products. They have constructed this Hamilton Beach 40616 coffee percolator. The raw material of the percolator is stainless-steel. So, you can expect long-run performance from it.

This is the best percolator for coffee under 100. This is an electric percolator and allows faster brewing. There are no mandatory requirements to brew a perfect coffee. Unlike some low-priced products, it extracts the full flavor. Hamilton Beach 40616 coffee percolator keeps the coffee warning for a long time. Ready to serve indicator light to know when your coffee is ready for pouring. Larger capacity to avoid the hassle of brewing several times. Just brew the full amount and serve it continuously to your guests.


  • Stay cool, durable handle for easy pouring.
  • Capable of brewing 12 cups of coffee within a minute.
  • Stainless-steel permanent filter basket to avoid paper filters.
  • Attractive chrome mirror finish for a great outlook.
  • Stainless-steel construction for the extreme durability.
  • Lightweight and easy to move from here to there.


  • Some customers have got grounds on their coffee. However, it occurs because of cheap coffee beans.
  • If required replacement, you need to spend an extra charge.


If you are a busy person and need something faster, just use this coffee percolator from Hamilton Beach. Easy brewing method and longevity is guaranteed.

5. West Bend 54159 12-Cup Electric Percolator

If you need an electric coffee percolator with high capacity, should try the product from West Band. This is a stainless-steel percolator, and it is easy to use.

It can brew from 2 to 12 cups of coffee within a few minutes. No need any additional things when you are using it. Just connect with the electric power and start brewing your coffee. There is an indicator light to understand when your coffee is ready for you. The handle is slip resistant and easy to hold. There is no hassle in pouring the coffee. The lid stays cool during the brewing process and helps for faster brewing. Unlike some other cheap percolators, this electric one is 100% safe. It ensures the best flavor of your coffee and no ground will be found.


  • Stainless-steel construction for excellent durability.
  • No need to any additional setup.
  • It is a lightweight percolator and easy to move.
  • Stay cool top and ergonomic handle.
  • Perfect one for faster brewing.
  • Its price is reasonable.


  • Need to keep the inside clean regularly for the perfect taste.
  • Cord length is only 15” which will make you annoyed.


Among different models of electric coffee percolators, its performance is comparatively better. Also, you will get it at an inexpensive price. If you need a coffee percolator for home or in office meetings, this can will be a great choice.

6. Farberware FCP240 Percolator

If your budget is under 100 and struggling to choose the right electric percolator with your budget, this Farberware FCP240 is suitable for you. This is an ideal product for a small family or a single person. It comes with 4-cup maximum capacity.

Made of high-grade stainless steel and durable construction. It will provide the best service for a long time. Once you have brewed your coffee, you can keep it warm for an extended period with the automatic keep warm mode. The handle of the percolator is durable, and it stays cool during the brewing the process. Lid knob also remains cool and comfortable to move. You will love its lightweight design which allows the users to pour coffee directly into the cup without any hassle.


  • Suitable for faster brewing without any hassle.
  • Keep the consistency in the heat for the authentic flavor of coffee.
  • Durable stainless-steel construction for the longevity.
  • Available in different capacities.
  • It takes only a minute for brewing per cup.
  • Great outlook with mirror finishing.


  • The capacity is meager. However, larger sizes are available.
  • The quality of the cord is inferior.


This percolator is for instant brewing and capacity is not so high. If you want to avoid the messy environment at home because of a drip coffee maker, should pick this Farberware FCP240 percolator.

7. Elite Platinum EC-120 Maxi-Matic Percolator

If you are on a very tight budget and need an electric coffee percolator, you can check the features of this unit. It comes with a stainless-steel construction.

The maximum capacity of the brewer is 12-cup. There is an indicator in the percolator. This will help you to know when you need to turn off the power. There is also a power indicator. Built in the filter and no need for a paper filter. This filter is removable for easy cleaning. To keep the rice low, Elite Platinum have used some cheap materials for the construction. So, you can’t expect durability with this unit. The base is made of low-priced plastic, and it may break after a few months. Also, it is unable to bring the authentic taste like some other electric coffee percolators.


  • It comes with a low price as much as possible.
  • Easy to operate the brewing process.
  • Available the keep warm feature.
  • Removable filter for washing.
  • 12 cups of maximum capacity.
  • Suitable for both tea and coffee.
  • The handle remains cool during the brewing.


  • Its handle is narrow and difficult to hold correctly.
  • The quality of the power cord is inferior.
  • The inside is not non-reactive to keep the original flavor of coffee.
  • Its construction quality is poor.


Though it is a low-priced electronic coffee percolator, there are some problems with it. Customers feedback is not so good at all. Don’t go for it until you can’t afford a high-priced model.

8. Medelco 8 Cup Glass Stovetop Percolator

Are you looking for the best camping coffee percolator within a reasonable price? Then check the features of this Medelco percolator. It comes with glass construction and suitable to use with different types of stovetops.

It is easy to be carried wherever you want. So, many of the customers are using it for camping. There is a thermal-shock resistant feature to keep it safe. Comes with a durable and heat tolerant handle for easy pouring. Its lightweight design allows the users to carry wherever they want without any hassle.


  • Price is affordable for all.
  • Generous 8 cup capacity.
  • It is dishwasher safe so easy to clean.
  • Durable construction with high-quality glass for the longevity.
  • Made in USA, so quality is guaranteed.


  • Need to keep the glass pot clean to get the authentic taste of coffee.
  • Need more time than an electric coffee percolator for brewing.


Though this is a stovetop coffee percolator, you can stay sure about the quality. It is easy to use and extract the full flavor from the ground coffee. You can also brew tea with it. So, if you are struggling with the budget, you can try this one.

Final Verdict

Now you know what the best coffee percolators with different prices are. So, it is easy for you to get the best deal. Obviously, there are so many products with the same price. But, we have tested different products and chosen the above products based on performance. Also, the above products have better ratings than others. So, based on your requirement, pick anyone from above.

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