Best Coffee Grinder For French Press

Coffee grinding sounds an easy task for the coffee lovers. Getting quality coffee from your grinder is an outcome everybody would like to experience. With the modern technology, many coffee grinders are on the market. Whether you want a subtly textured coffee or a rough textured one, all the options come with the particular grinder of your choice.

While selecting your choice, you will come across the highly rated and reviewed coffee grinders as per the features they have. These models work perfectly despite their high prices. They have additional features that make grinding an easy and enjoyable task.

Who Need a French Press Coffee Grinder?

The grinder is required by anyone who goes out to buy coffee from any coffee outlet. Any person who loves coffee and would want to make it right from home starting from zero.

Selecting a coffee grinder follows the needs of the buyer. You can select from the best selling units by going through the reviews and updates.

What To Look For When Pick The Best Coffee Grinder For French Press

Just before the coffee beans are used, they need to be grounded for down. The reason is to allow quality coffee dust for your use. The market is crowded with many coffee grinders and choosing the best is sometimes a hustle.

There are particular important considerations to make before you purchase any coffee grinder. These will save you from the losses and regrets encountered by customers who shop out blindly. The following is a guide for your purchase.

Type of the grinder: 

Coffee grinders will either be manual or digital. The manual coffee grinders will have their challenges including time as they are slow. Automatic grinders are more convenient and fast. They also give quality ground coffee. Additional features also make your work easy.

You will encounter the blade and burr types. With the blade grinder, ungrounded beans stay in the same bowl with the ground beans. The burr grinder has a mechanism where the ungrounded coffee beans are held in different sections with the ground seeds. With the two types, it’s easy to choose the ideal grinder that will fit your purpose.

Cost of the grinder: 

The buying price is a consideration to note. Mills that sell high are presumed to be the best in the grinding of your coffee. They have advanced features that make them more efficient as compared to other grinders. Low-cost grinders work well but might have fewer features hence won’t produce the best coffee you desire. The price is usually a factor to consider as far as your need for the best grinder is met.

Ease of operation: 

Before you buy any grinder, you might consider looking at how it operates. Is it the kind that will give you fewer instructions making your process easy? Or is it the kind that will give you a list of instructions making it hard for you to operate? Well, having the most comfortable coffee grinder in your operations make your work easier and enjoyable. Coffee grinders that feature a one-button operation are easy to use.


Everybody likes a long-lasting machine that works well. The longevity is an assurance that your coffee grinder will be of help for a longer time. The durability of these coffee grinders comes with the type of material use in the manufacture of this unit. Be careful as you sample the material out.

Number of settings: 

While buying a grinder, look at the number of settings, for instance, we have grinders with 14, 12, ten settings. These settings help to show you the fineness of the grounded coffee. The higher the number of settings, the finer the grounded coffee will appear.

Recommend Best French Press Coffee Grinder Review

While you plan to buy the best French press grinder on the market, prepare for excellent results in the type of coffee produced. The guide below gives you the best rated and highly reviewed coffee grinders for French press.

1. Automatic Burr Mill Grinder – Best Burr Coffee Grinder For French Press

This is a stainless steel design made to last longer. It features a burr grinding technique with a lid and an 8-ounce scooper for the coffee beans. It has a cleaning brush to clear the coffee remains.

With the above features, uniform grinding is enhanced, and after that, you get the quality flavor. The unit housing the grounding mill has a strong storage area for your coffee. This storage chamber holds enough coffee for more cups. The presence of an automated burr grinder has unique settings that make your grinding exercise faster. The grinding settings are many hence automatically stop when the grinding round is done.

This coffee grinder is easy to disassemble as you clean it in your sink. The presence of a clear and transparent glass ensures that you see the processed coffee quickly. Since it’s a heavy duty design, having it will allow you an extended time of use.


  • A burr grinding technique
  • A bean hopper
  • A cord storage that’s convenient
  • Fully automated with extra settings
  • Grind selector with 18 positions
  • Housed in stainless steel

Why People Loved This Grinder: 

The unit is automated hence easy to use. The presence of the stainless steel feature makes it rust free and durable. It grinds a right amount of coffee every round. The unit is also very economical and easy to use. The grinder is cheaper as compared to other versions of this grinder.

Weakness of this Grinder:

The machine is noisy, and the plastic cover won’t assure you of a long lasting use.

2. Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

This unit has over 14 grind settings, and the outcome is an excellent textured coffee. While grinding, you expect the coffee grounds to jump as a result of the collection method.

This new version, unlike other coffee grinders, has no plastic collector; instead, it has a borosilicate glass designed to cover and prevent the jumping coffee from escaping. The collection is made easy as the glass is non-static. This unit offers you an adjustable setting for a purely ground coffee. The presence of a timer allows you to set the amount of time you want your coffee beans ground.

This will bring out the texture of your desired grounded coffee in proper quantities. This Bodum Best Grinder for french press uses electricity making its operation faster. You will find this machine in different colors including red, black, orange, green and white. You have the freedom to make a choice of your favorite color.


  • 14-grind settings
  • Non-static borosilicate glass collector
  • Silicon band for firm gripping
  • Silicon lid with a no-spill technology
  • Lightweight
  • Steel, plastic and rubber materials

Why People Loved This Grinder: 

Many individuals love this unit due to its efficiency. Since it’s lightweight design, it’s easy to carry. The machine can be operated anywhere, and it’s economical on electricity consumption. Additionally, this unit has excellent settings for a smooth ground.

Weakness of this Grinder: 

The presence of plastic material isn’t an assurance of a long-lasting coffee grinder.

3. Bellemain Burr Coffee Grinder For French Press

This is a perfect design with 17 automated settings. You won’t struggle to find the right setting for your grinding expectation. This unit can process up to 7 ounces within one processing session. This means that you will have more ground coffee faster and at a lesser time.

This coffee grinder is not only easy to use but also to clean. Once you dismantle all the parts, you get a clear way of cleaning it. With this machine, you can grind as many beans as you wish with consistency in its texture. Find the hopper lid on top that prevents coffee jumping and the ground cup for easy collection.

The coffee grinder has an automated design that allows it to shut down once the coffee grinding round is finished. It features excellent grinding disks that will get the best flavor out of any coffee beans. The unit is made from high-quality materials hence can crush a mountain of beans and lasts for a very long time.


  • 17 automated settings
  • 7 Ounce processor
  • Automated design
  • Excellent grinding disks
  • Hopper lid and ground cup

Why People Loved This Grinder: 

The grinder uses up less electricity compared to other similar brands in the same price range.It has less noise as compared to other designs. Its processing power is excellent as it works on automated settings.

Weaknesses Of This Grinder: 

The presence of static electricity in this unit makes coffee to static on the collection vessels wall.

4. Brillante Manual French Press Grinder

This coffee grinder is a unit that works consistently to give you excellent results. It offers you the option to choose the grinding size for any drink you are preparing to make. It’s a manually operated machine and has good speed for your end product to be completed.

This makes it fast for you to enjoy your coffee or espresso. Since it’s a manually operated machine, it’s not as loud as other electronic operated units. The device features a slim and easy to grip formation that gives you ease of use. With an adjustable ceramic burr, you can make several adjustments to get the high-quality coffee. The working rate of this machine depends on the user as it’s a manually operated unit.


  • Slim grinder for easy gripping
  • Multiple brewing coffee textures
  • Long crank handle for easy grinding
  • Small and lightweight
  • Ceramic conical style

Why People Loved This Grinder: 

It’s simple to use and clean. Its tapered make is simple to hold while grinding. The Brillante Manual Coffee Grinder is not as noisy and not expensive. With this particular grinder, you can grind all types of coffee beans to the feel you need. This unit is faster than other Coffee grinders that are manual.

Weaknesses Of This Grinder: 

Under unrestricted use, you can get a rough texture for your coffee.The machine is slow compared to the electrical versions

5. Brillante Manual French Press Grinder

This grinder is made from quality materials that keep the flavor of your coffee. Its blades are sharp and grind the beans to give you a smooth and quality coffee. Since it’s a manually operated machine, you can have enough time grinding your coffee beans.

Your electricity will always be spared hence small bills. The unit is easy to assemble and disassemble making its washing and storage easy. Since it’s a size-able design, you can use it for your outdoor activities as its portability is easy. The grinder is easy to operate and giving you a neatly ground coffee the outcome.

It has a rubber cover that keeps the beans intact in the grinder; while the collecting area is transparent, hence you can see when the right amount of coffee is enough for your use.


  • Rubbers cover to prevent beans splashing
  • Collection area
  • Ceramic design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Non-slip grip

Why People Loved This Grinder: 

This unit is Easy to assemble. This portable French press manual grinder is also Excellent For Home Use.

Weaknesses of this grinder: 

It might be hard to hold on the jar while grinding.It’s a bit hard to make the settings for the type of grind you need.

Final Verdict

While it seems hard to grind your coffee back at home, the system and the grinders used could be the ones lagging you behind. With the above reviews, all the convenience brought about by the best coffee grinders make it an enjoyable activity. The analysis tries to explain in depth the real features that make a great coffee grinder and why you need to get one soon.

If you go through the reviews, you will realize the reason as to why all your previous methods have made you give up on making coffee in your house. Trying these top ranked coffee grinders for French press will leave you a happy person. The units are on the market and come at affordable rates.

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