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The Best Burr Grinder Reviews

If you love coffee, you would love fresh ground coffee no matter what kind it is. The best burr grinders will help you to prepare a cup of delicious cup of coffee to kick start your day with a dose of energy.

Best Burr Grinder

Today, there are many cheap burr coffee grinders at your disposal. These models are also easy to use and deliver great tasting coffee easily. Go through our article to find all you need regarding the best burr grinders.

What Type of Burr Coffee Grinder Should I Buy and Why?

When comparing it to other coffee grinders available on the market, the Best Burr Coffee grinder is the best model as it allows you to grind the coffee in a manner that it offers you a uniform grind.

The burr coffee grinders can either be a hand cranked style or electric style but both works greatly. If you love handling the coffee and savoring the aroma while grinding the cranked styled model is the best for you.

They are also portable as you can take them to a picnic where electricity may not be accessible. On the another hand, electric burr grinders are fast, efficient and easy to use. They come with convenient features such as a timer to help you get the right quality and quantity of coffee every time.

How To Select The Best Burr Grinder

Because of a large number of choice available on the market, it can be confusing at a time to choose the best burr grinder. If you are not careful, you may end up wasting your hard-earned cash on a model that you will need to replace after a few weeks of use.

To help you in selecting an affordable burr grinder, which you will use for a long time, we will give you some of the consideration that will help you in choosing the best product on the market. Here are the tips to help you in selecting the best Grinder Coffee Maker.

Settings of the Grinder

When picking the burr grinders, ensure that you check the settings. Ensure that you go for a model that offers you with many different setting for versatility.

With such settings, you can adjust grinder into multiple positions to produce grounds that range from fine to coarse. These setting also do well in the French press, drip coffee maker as well as an espresso machine.

Ease of Cleaning

You should also go for a model that is simple to clean. For the best results go for a coffee grinder that has a removable grinding chamber. This will enable you to reach the hard to reach areas.

You should also look for a model that comes with a cleaning brush. Additionally, ensure that you select a model that does not produce a lot of mess during the grinding process.


The home burr grinders come in different size. Depending on your family size, you need to select a model that will fit your needs. Some of the other consideration to make while choosing the best burr coffee grinder depending on the size is how many times you take coffee.

If you take coffee regularly, ensure you go larger size. Additionally, if you love having parties or some of your friends more often in your house, go for the bigger model.

Materials of construction

The burr coffee grinders are usually made using either high-quality stainless steel or ceramic. They are also found in both high end and budget models. Generally, the steel burrs are cheaper to manufacturer but have a shorter lifespan. On the other hand, the ceramic burrs are more durable and ideal for producing espresso but are expensive to build.

Other considerations

  • Customer reviews
  • The design of the grinder
  • The cost of the product
  • Storage capacity

Here Is Our Recommend Best Burr Grinders In 2017

Today, most individuals hardly have enough time to spare, as they have to take care of their family and still have to go to work. However, no one would want to waste his/her money purchasing something that will not deliver the expected results.

To assist you in selecting the best home burr grinder, we have done extensive research to come up with the best 7 models available on the market. Make sure you go through each of the review for you to find a model that is perfect for you and your family.

KRUPS GVX212 Stainless Steel Flat Burr Grinder

The KRUPS GVX212 electric burr Grinder is an excellent appliance that comes with an affordable price tag. The model comes with a great designed making it a great addition to any kitchen.KRUPS GVX212 Stainless Steel Flat Burr Grinder

Its compact size makes it fit in any kitchen nicely without taking much space. With this affordable burr grinder will help you to have a richer tasting coffee that when you compare with the blade ground coffee.

Another outstanding feature which comes with this model is that it’s quieter than most of the other models to be found in the marketplace. The model also grinds a bit finer on the courser setting allowing you to get the most from your coffee.

When it comes to washing, the KRUPS GVX212 Coffee Grinder is so much easier to clean since you do not have to dismantle all the parts for you to clean. This model comes with a plastic handle that extends up, making it easier for you to remove the top grinder plate. To access the bottom plate, you just need to turn the handle attached to the top plate.

Features highlights

  • This model comes with a flat mill structure that preserves the beans aroma while still avoiding overheating.
  • You Can Select a number of cups you needed.
  • Has a capacity of 200g
  • High-quality motor with 110 watts

Bottom Line

If you are searching for a reasonable model that performs brilliantly, do not hesitate to go for this best affordable burr grinder. This model offers you with over 17 settings that allow you to choose the level of coarseness or fineness depending on the brewing method.

Baratza Virtuoso Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Virtuoso is a well-designed coffee grinder featuring great functionalities and perfect features that allow you to make delicious coffee within no time. This product surely lives to its expectation as one of the best Conical burr coffee grinders on the market by offering you consistency in grind and a super classic style.

Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder

The model comes with one of the finest motor in the burr grinder market. It features a powerful DC motor that helps the machine to produce up to 4 times output which is twice as much as the efficiency of the AC motors. To protect the motor, this product also comes with a safety device that protects it from overheating.

The product is constructed with high-quality materials that enhance both its performance and durability. The model is also very easy to clean as you can detach it to wash the hard to reach parts individually.

Features highlights

  • Offers you with 40 individual settings enabling you to dial into your specific grind
  • Features a timer and a pulse button making it easier to keep consistent quantity for multiple grinds
  • It also Offers high-quality burrs, which are comparable with the highest quality commercial burrs
  • Comes with an antistatic design, which will minimize the messy coffee dust
  • The conical burrs ensure consistency every time you grind

Bottom Line

The Baratza Virtuoso is perfect for home espresso aficionado who would like to have a decent grinder but would not want to break his/her bank while going for the extremely expensive high-end models. This coffee grinder maker is quite small making it perfect for an averaged sized kitchen. You can use it either in your office or home.

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder – Best Home Coffee Grinder

Baratza Encore is another great choice for individuals looking for a high-end coffee grinder that comes at an affordable price. This model is simple in both usability and appearance. Its stylish design makes it look great on your countertop.

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

The model has a capacity of 8 0z and can grind at speeds that range from 0.8 – 1.1 grams per second. With this machine, you will have access to over 40 grind settings ranging from course to fine.

This model will assist you to grind in a quite accurate manner to give consistency that is fine enough for an espresso. You can use this model with a variety of processes including Aeropress and the French press.

Although it will take time for you to get to use with the operation, the results are great. As a best burr coffee grinder, this model has many benefits including a more steady grind, ability to generate less heat and lot quieter.

Highlight features

  • This Unit comes with a DC motor that turns slowly to give you cool and quiet operation and still allowing you to grind for longer periods
  • Features a thermal cutoff switch prevents overheating
  • Features pre-calibrated by the manufacturer that gives maximum grind range
  • Comes with an easy access on/off switch
  • You do not require any tools remove burrs, so cleaning is simple

Bottom Line

The Baratza Encore is an outstanding conical burr grinder especially if you want to purchase a high-quality model that will help you to grind the beans at home for either espresso, French press or coffee drip. Although there are some complaints about this machine, a majority of people find it to be great all around machine.

Capresso 560.01 Concial Burr Grinder

There is no need to fork out hundreds of pounds in order to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee at home. Besides being one of the affordable burr grinder this model offers you with maximum aroma and flavor retention that will kick start your day in style.Capresso 560.01 Concial Burr Grinder

This model features a special controller that helps to cut the angles of the steel burrs to within 0.1mm of precision. This ensures that you get finely grounded coffee that produces richer taste.

Another feature that many people are drawn to this model is price. This model is not only affordable but also a great value for most coffee lovers. The grinder is also constructed with high-quality materials making it durable. Additionally, this model is incredibly easy to use.

Features highlight

  • The grinder comes with separate On/Off buttons, that allows you to stop grinding or use for pulse grinding.
  • The removable bean hopper holds 8.8 ounces of beans and outputs 4 ounces of grounds.
  • The upper conical grinder is removable for easy cleaning
  • Features quiet motor and a safety locking system
  • Comes with Measuring Scoop and a Cleaning Brush

Bottom Line

if you are looking for a simple to use yet effective coffee grinder, this is a perfect model this grinder is also inexpensive and comes with all the features you need to prepare a delicious cup of coffee.

Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

If you are looking for an electric coffee grinder that will help you to prepare a delicious cup of espresso every morning the Bodum Bistro is a perfect choice. This model comes with a variety of color thus allowing you to choose the model that goes in line with the decor of your kitchen.

Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

The model comes in a compact size making it easier to fit in your kitchen. Another excellent feature that comes with this model is the inbuilt presser timer. This feature is very handy especially if you want to grind an exact amount of beans.

The model also features built in stainless steel burrs that are used for grinding. This re efficient in preserving the intrinsic flavor and aroma of the coffee beans. The model also has a capacity to hold 220g of beans, which is similar to other expensive models.

Highlight features

  • The design and the materials used for the making the grinder give it a durable and sophisticated appearance.
  • Quieter in comparison to other conical grinders
  • Since there is no static electricity and no mess, cleaning the grinder is simple.
  • Gives nice and consistent grind, from very fine to very coarse
  • One button operation: by pressing one button, you will get to grind the right amount of beans.

Bottom Line

If you want a model that will offer you with complete control of the quality of the coffee ground produced as well as the degree of fineness or coarseness, the Bodum Bistro is an excellent choice. Additionally this model offers you with great features that are only available in the higher end models, which are double its price.

Cuisinart DBM8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

The Cuisinart DBM8 Supreme Grinder is one of the latest home coffee grinders on the market. This conical burr grinder works best for automatic French and drip brew methods. When you compare it to other products on the market, this model offers high quality grind.

Cuisinart DBM8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

The Cuisinart DBM8 grinder is not a flat grinder but a disk burr grinder; this improves the quality of the grounds as well as enhancing its longevity. When you set the machine at the super fine, setting the grind is extremely fine with no visible coarseness. The construction materials are great enhancing both its performance as well as durability.

Features highlight

  • Comes in an elegant style
  • Heavy duty and produce uniform grounds for optimum flavor
  • Great design and small footprint
  • Offers consistent grind size
  • Less noise
  • 18 position grind selector, from ultra fine to coarse

Bottom Line

The Cuisinart DBM8 Supreme Grinder is the best choice for beginners and advanced users alike. This model is compact, stylish and grinds exceptionally well. The model is also an expensive option for individuals on a tight budget.

De’Longhi Black & Stainless Steel Burr Grinder

The solution to tasty coffee is freshly ground beans; De’Longhi Burr Coffee Grinder gives you this tasty flavor each morning. It has a burr grinding wheel, which makes a consistent texture for uniformity as well as keeps the oils to a maximum rate for the best aroma and flavor.De'Longhi Black & Stainless Steel Burr Grinder

It has different settings, and all you need is select your ideal setting with the grind and cup selector and then press the on and off push button. When grinding has taken place, you are supposed to remove the ground coffee container and empty it to your coffee filter. In case you want a precise amount of the ground coffee, you just need to use the quality control button and choose your quantity.

The electronic grind selector enables you to choose the best grind setting usually from a course to medium then to an excellent setting which is indicated by three green lights. The quality control knob will enable you to grind 4 to 12 cups of coffee and later shuts itself automatically, therefore making it safe to use.

The De’Longhi Black & Stainless Steel 4.2 has a transparent lid which allows you to have a clear view of the ground coffee quantity. The model has a convenient built-in brush which makes cleaning easier.

Features highlights

  • Comes with stainless steel outer surface offers a clean and modern design
  • Has self-contained cord makes storage easy as well as keeps the countertops free from clutter
  • Offers you with fine setting so you can have a perfect grind
  • The burr grinding wheel gives a uniform ground texture for reliable results
  • Shuts off automatically with the help of quality control knob if the lead is not in place and after grinding 4 to 12 cups of coffee

Bottom Line

you can now enjoy the De’Longhi Burr Coffee Grinder at home with the best freshly ground coffee beans. It is a perfect because it is an uptodate technology accessory helping you grind the much you desire whether you are making latte or brewing espresso.


Each of the burr grinders will help you to have a freshly brewed cup of coffee ever time you need to boost your energy. We have only selected the inexpensive yet high performing model that fits your budget while still allowing you to prepare a delicious cup of coffee. The models are also easy to use and clean. Go through each of the models while comparing the features to get the best burr grinder that suits your needs.

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