Apply These 9 Secret Techniques To Improve Your Coffee

Do you want to improve your coffee brewing? You can try different brewing methods and ingredients. However, this might not improve the final results. You need the right tips to make your coffee rich, tastier and favorable. With the perfect tips, you can make barista-style coffee at home with ease.

Here are the 9 secrets that will help you make a bold, better-tasting cup of coffee in every brewing session. These expert tips will help you to brew cafe-quality coffee just like what you enjoy from your favorite coffeehouse.

1. Trying Adding Spices

Adding spices is among the best ways improving your coffee instantly. Apart from improving the taste and flavor of your coffee, spices also make your coffee healthier. There are numerous species that you add to your coffee, but not all will produce quality results. Cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg are among the best options that you can use for your coffee.

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and helps relieve menstrual discomforts in females. Nutmeg naturally reduces pain and eases digestion problems. Cinnamon has several health benefits including stabilizing blood sugar and antibacterial properties.

2. Add sugar to your cup

You should first know that a lot of sugar isn’t healthy and might result in diabetes. However, adding little natural sugar to your coffee will make it better. You can try honey or coconut palm sugar. Try to regulate the amount of sugar to avoid consuming high levels of calories in one serving.

3. Add Milk during brewing

If you are a fan of cappuccino or lattes you know that milk really makes a big difference. You can also add milk to your regular coffee and give it a better taste.

Choices like almond milk are meant for those who feel disgusted by dairy products. Apart from improving the quality of your drink, milk gives your coffee a better taste. You can even add milk to instant coffee after brewing.

4. Make Your Own Creamer

You probably enjoy rich, creamy property of the drinks served at your favorite coffeehouse. Making your own creamer will save money since you can use flavored extract and milk.

Simply add a small amount of almond extract or vanilla into your milk. The result will be a perfect creamer for your coffee. This homemade creamer will last longer making it better than store-bought creamers.

5. Make your Coffee hot

A hot cup of coffee tastes better and even has full coffee flavors. Even brewing at optimal temperature delivers a higher quality cup of coffee.

The SCAA (Specialist Coffee Association of America) insists that the perfect water temp for making coffee is 198 to 202 degrees F. Any water that is below this temp will produce flat, less extracted coffee. Hotter water tends to burn coffee grounds affecting the flavor.

When using a programmable coffee machine, you can set the temperature to the desired level. But it becomes hard when using a manual brewing method. In this instance, you can use a standard kitchen thermometer to determine the temp. Making your coffee hot will be a great improvement and will result in a satisfying cup each time.

6. Be innovative by mixing it with tea

You might be amazed by this secret since coffee and tea both contain caffeine. But you can simply place a tea bag into your cup of coffee. This way you will add a delicious flavor to your coffee.

However, apart from the flavor, tea will not have any other benefit to your cup of coffee. You can choose a natural grown and processed tea that won’t add chemicals to your coffee. Grab one of the top tea bags and improve your coffee in style.

7. Get a Pour Over setup

There are many brewing methods, but none unlocks the flavor of your coffee better than a pour over setup. Some of the common pour over tools include Chemex, Kalita, Hario V6, and Clever Dripper.

Most coffee enthusiasts prefer French Press since it offers total control over all the aspects of the coffee-making process. Pour over brewing also offers you the chance to experiment with grind particle size, water-coffee ratios, and water temperature.

You can even make your coffee better through manual brewing because it allows for more flavor and oils extraction than automatic brewing. You can only improve coffee through this method only if you get the best fresh coffee.

You may not want to use manual brewing method. In this case, you can improve coffee by getting quality beans and use hot filtered coffee. There are also automatic brewers that have been designed to function as traditional pour over apparatus. Using such as brewer will also improve the quality of your coffee.

8. Be keen on the Caffeine level

The main component of coffee is caffeine. Although most coffee fans drink coffee because of the positive effect caffeine, you should be keen on its level. Keep in mind that caffeine might have some negative effects.

Been keen on the level of caffeine level will improve the quality of your coffee. Some pre-ground coffee or beans provide a guide on the content of caffeine; however, most don’t. For instance, “Robusta” beans have a higher level of caffeine than “Arabica.”

In fact, the level of caffeine in “Robusta” is double that found in “Arabica.” Note that the labels such as  “dark roast” don’t offer any information on the caffeine level in the coffee. Jeep in mind that drip coffee has a higher content of coffee compared to espresso, based on the amount and beans used.

9. Filter your Water

Using the right coffee will result in better coffee, but the wrong water will compromise the flavor of your coffee. Ideally, water is the largest ingredient in your brewing. The best way to determine if your coffee will be good is to taste the water.

If the water doesn’t taste good, then your coffee will also not be good! Tap water doesn’t seem to produce better tasting coffee since it has many minerals. Filtering your water is the single sure way to improve your coffee. A good filtration method will only remove “bad” minerals from the water and guarantee a better cup of coffee.

You should avoid distilled coffee at all cost since all the minerals have been removed and it won’t make a bold cup of coffee. Using good water will also prevent mineral build up in your brewing machine.

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