9 Reasons Why Coffee Addiction Is Not a Bad Thing

Imagine waking up in a world with no coffee or espresso shots! It would be disastrous, right? Coffee does more than just cheering you up and providing the needed energy to start your daily activities.

Caffeine has got many benefits when consumed in moderation on a daily routine. You may be perplexed when you hear people saying that coffee addiction is good, especially for your health! Well, you may wonder how! Below are the reasons as to why no one should worry you about your addiction to coffee.

1. Improves energy levels

When you feel worn out and not in the mood to work, a cup of coffee will boost your memory function as well as improve your cognitive performance. This is because coffee creates a state of vigilance and arousal that makes you much aware and less worn out. So sip your espresso before work and experience elevated energy levels throughout your day.

2. Coffee burns off fat

Caffeine is an essential part of many components made for burning off fat. It helps boost metabolism so as to increase the fat burning by about 30% in individuals who are lean and about 15% in those who are obese. The caffeine stimulates the nervous system (CNS) and thus increases oxidation of fatty acids.

3. Coffee improves physical strength

The caffeine found in coffee helps to break down the body fats hence making them available for use as a power source in the bloodstream. Biologically, fatty acids and glycerol are mobilized from the fat cells. This mobilization increases the exercise performance in a good percentage; about 14 % on average.

4. Coffee helps reduce the risks of cancer

Coffee has got the ability to decrease or lower risks of developing many forms of cancer. It prevents multiplication of cancerous tissues. The reduction includes 20% less risks of prostate cancer in males and 25% less risks for endometrial cancer in females.

This is an average for people who take around four cups of coffee in a day. Consequently, coffee consumption can actively help fight the growth of most common forms of skin cancer.

5. Coffee helps fight depression

Studies have indicated that individuals who consume more than four cups of coffee a day have about ten percent less chances of being depressed than those who do not take coffee.

The main reason behind this argument is because coffee is an antioxidant beverage. Besides, depression, serotonin, noradrenalin, and dopamine are also boosted thus elevating your mood.

A study conducted by Harvard University students showed that those people who drink 4 cups of coffee on a daily basis lower their chances of committing suicide by 50%! Fascinating, right?

6. Reduces risk of Alzheimer’s

Coffee addicts have significantly reduced risks of developing this chronic disease since the coffee intake is associated with working more efficiently to fight dementia. Since Alzheimer’s affects people who are older or in their middle ages, regular consumption of coffee may help keep this disease away.

7. It reduces the risks of developing Parkinsons’ disease

According to research done by the American Medical Association, men who didn’t take coffee were two times more susceptible to develop this disease than males who took 4-ounces to 4 cups.

Treatments can be done to slow the progression of this disease which targets the nervous system. But the disease has no cure; hence prevention is mandatory.

8. Coffee helps fight obesity

Chlorogenic acid is a compound found in coffee, and it helps ward off obesity-related diseases. In a research done by the University of Georgia students using mice as a sample, chlorogenic acid performed the following functions which include prevented weight gain, helped keep normal blood-sugar levels, kept livers healthy and reduced inflammation.

According to a later research that conducted in the same period, a gradual increase of coffee consumption could lead to lower risks of developing Type 2 diabetes.

9. It is rich in nutrients

Did you ever know that coffee is rich in nutrients? It has lots of nutrients than just a tasty black water!  Coffee beans contain a lot of nutrients which are vital to our health.

Some of the essential nutrients needed in our bodies include Potassium, Pantothenic Acid, Riboflavin, Niacin, and Magnesium. So, if you are drinking say four cups of coffee in a day, those are a lot of nutrients in your body and what do they signify well-being?

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