Best 8 Cup Coffee Maker That Will Help You Save A Ton Of Time

Coffee brewing is an art that requires the best coffee machine and ingredients. 8-cup coffee brewers are meant to make the process simple for small brewing needs. Using the right brewer eliminates guesswork, mistakes and delivers perfect coffee. The best 8 cup coffee maker comes with features that you require for brewing your favorite coffee at home.

Who Need a 8 Cup Coffee Maker

If you want to brew coffee for the whole family, an 8 cup coffee maker is a good choice. You can use it to entertain your friends. If you are the only coffee drinker in the house, you will still find an 8 cup coffee maker useful. Lone coffee drinkers can brew half carafe.

 List Of Best 8 Cup Coffee Maker

NoNameOur Rating
1.Bonavita BV1800 8 Cup Coffee Maker4.0
2.Moccamaster 79212 8 Cup Coffee Maker4.5
3.Mr Coffee 8 cup Thermal Coffee Maker3.0
4.Russell Hobbs CM7000S 8 Cup Coffee Maker3.9
5.Behmor Brazen Plus 8 Cup Coffee Maker3.8

1. Bonavita BV1800 8 Cup Coffee Maker

The Bonavita BV1800 Coffee Maker is designed those who want a fast brewing solution. It features a 1400W heater that enables you to brew 8 cups of coffee in just 5-6 minutes. A German-engineered brewing system makes the brewer ideal for quality coffee making needs.  After brewing, your coffee stays hot for 2 hours, thanks to the separate keep-warm heater.An auto shut-off feature makes the unit safe and allows for power saving. It comes with an easy-to-fill tank and clear marking for precise water filling.

The showerhead is exceptionally designed to offer excellent saturation and optimal extraction. This extraction system ensures each cup is well balanced and contains the deep flavors. You can choose from the four different colors including glass, stainless, thermal gray and stainless/black. All colors come with a glass carafe so you can monitor the water level and brewing process. The design also makes the coffee maker easy to clean.

This coffee maker is SCAA Certified for quality and performance. Thus, it can brew coffee to the specific standards established by the SCAA. The unit is also UL Certified for safety compliance.

Feature Highlight

  • 1400 watts heater raises water to perfect temperature
  • Germany-engineered brewing system
  • Shower head designed for excellent saturation and optimal extraction
  • Brews 40 ounces of coffee
  • 2-hour keep warm heater with auto shut off

2. Moccamaster 79212 8 Cup Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe

If you require a handmade and tested coffee maker, the Moccamaster 79212 KBTS will be a good choice. This unit comes with intuitive features to make your brewing simple and enjoyable. The coffee maker features manual drip-stop brew basket with stainless steel thermal carafe. It retains the temperature of the coffee before serving.

It is equipped with a copper heating element that shuts off automatically when the brewing is done. This feature helps to save energy and makes the brewing predictable. It is a time-saving machine that can brew full or half carafe in 4-6 minutes.

This coffee maker brews at 196 degree – 250 degrees Fahrenheit with a pulse action. The brewing temperature allows for quality coffee blooming during the extraction process. It extracts all coffee oils and flavors that give coffee a perfect taste. The plastic parts are BPA/BPS-free and simple to clean for quality brewing.

Moccamaster is a high-quality brewer that has been certified by numerous bodies. It is SCAE, Ecbc and SCAA approved for quality and safe brewing.

Feature Highlight

  • Exact coffee-water saturation time, 4-6 minutes.
  • Outer case is a high-quality, durable aluminum.
  • Stainless steel thermal carafe featuring a brew-through-lid.
  • Manual adjust drip-stop brew-basket.
  • Copper boiling element manages brewing temp between 196 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Mr Coffee 8 cup Thermal Programmable Coffee Maker

The Mr. Coffee JWTX85 is meant for those who want an affordable 8-cup maker. Despite its affordability, this machine performs like most high-end brewers. It features a double-wall thermal carafe which allows for a table to counter serving. A 2-hour automatic shut-off keeps your coffee for about hours. Then the machine auto shuts off.A removable filter basket lifts out for easy and fast filling and cleaning. You will have a simple time cleaning the unit after each brewing session. It features special cleaning cycle making cleaning quick and simple.

You can pour a cup before the brewing is complete since it comes with a Brewing pause ‘n serve feature. Simple programming features add the convenience you require to make rich-tasting coffee. The brew strength selector helps to brew your desired cup of coffee at home.

It also comes with freshness timer to ensure you do not loose freshness when brewing. A delay brew function helps to select when you want the brewing to start. Thus, you can set the brewer to wake up to a fresh cup of coffee. The compactness of this coffee maker makes it perfect for use in small kitchens and offices.

Feature Highlights

  • Double-wall thermal carafe for table and counter serving
  • Lift and clean filter basket
  • Simple controls including brew strength selector, delay brew, freshness timer
  • 2-hour auto shut-off feature

4. Russell Hobbs CM7000S 8 Cup Coffee Maker

With this sleek and stylish coffee maker, you are sure to brighten your morning. It brews coffee at an optimum temperature which ensures fresh, smooth tasting coffee. A keep warm function keeps your coffee hot for hours before serving. So you will not require an alternative coffee warming solution.

The tank of this coffee maker has easy-to-read markings for simple filling. You will identify when you require refilling the tank easily. The water tank is simple to remove making the cleaning a breeze.

This coffee maker comes with Sneak-A-Cup function. This feature allows you to pour a cup of before the brewing is complete. It features a stainless steel outer making cleaning the entire unit simple. The stainless steel outer also makes the unit durable.

It features an ergonomic folding handle for easy shifting. You only require one hand to carry this coffee maker around. A well-placed power button allows you to operate this unit with a single click. A key shortcoming of this coffee maker is the plastic material. However, the plastic is BPA free making it safe to use for all brewing purposes.

Feature Highlights

  • Removable water tank featuring easy-to-read markings
  • Removable brew basket for simple cleaning
  • Sneak-A-Cup function for pouring a cup before the brewing is done
  • 2-hour auto shut-off function
  • Keep warm function

5. Behmor Brazen Plus 8 Cup Coffee Maker

The Behmor Brazen offers a different experience from other coffee makers due to its design. It has a brewing temperature control for ideal brewing and extraction temperature. The unit brews at 190-210 degree Fahrenheit.  You can pre-soak the coffee ground from 15 seconds to 4 minutes. This feature allows the coffee to bloom before extraction.It comes with a pulsed water flow. An oversized shower head allows for perfect water saturation and extraction of coffee grounds. The integrated thermal carafe keeps your coffee hot for hours, so you do not need a warming burner. This unit also features a stainless steel water reservoir which has a heating capability.

This 8-cup coffee maker features simple-to-operate digital controls. So you will have an easy time brewing your favorite coffee.

This coffee maker comes with a permanent filter to avoid paper filters. But you can remove this filter to use a paper filter. It is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Thus, it meets the SCAA standards based on brewing time, brewing temperature and coffee extraction percentage.

Feature Highlight

  • Fully customizable with pre-soak option and temp calibration
  • Pulsed water flow for perfect extraction
  • Easy-to-operate digital controls
  • High-quality thermal carafe
  • Stainless steel water reservoir
  • Reusable gold filter

What to Look For When Buying The Best 8 Cup Coffee Maker

When choosing an 8-cup coffee maker, you will have several brands to choose from. Here are the important things to check in a coffee maker.

Brewing time

You will want to consider the brewing time of the certain coffee maker. Some machines brew 8 cups in just 4-6 minutes. Others might take 5-6 minutes to brew the same amount of coffee. Even when brewing half carafe, the coffee maker takes the same time. The brewing technology such as Germany-engineered system is what determines the brewing time. A fast brewing time is also desirable since you will not wait for long before serving.

Ease of use

8-cup coffee makers come with various features dedicated to easing your brewing. Cleaning some units is simple since they feature a lift and clean basket. Some brewers come with a removable water tank for easy filling. You should also check the buttons are well-placed for simple operation.


Programmable coffee makers make your brewing enjoyable. The best coffee makers allow you to program all the aspect of the brewing. A digital selector allows you to set the brewing requirements. Check if a coffee maker can be programmed to start brewing at a certain time. The strength selector and delay time are also vital factors to consider in an 8-cup coffee maker.


You should consider the durability of a coffee maker before making your choice. The durability is determined by housing and material of the carafe. The most durable units feature stainless steel and aluminum outer. In most coffee makers the carafe is made of glass. A durable coffee maker will offer you a long time of lovely brewing.


The size of your coffee maker is an important factor to check. Some 8 cup coffee makers are compact while others are large. A compact coffee brewer is perfect if you want to use in a small kitchen. Urban living requires a compact unit since they have limited space. You might also prefer a coffee maker with a small footprint for ease of storage.

Cost and warranty

You will want to check the price of the coffee maker to ensure it suits your budget. Finally, the warranty is a vital consideration. The warranty time might be 2 or 5 years depending on the coffee maker brand. Warranty will guarantee a free repair or replace in case of malfunctions within the warranty time.

Final Verdict

An 8 cup coffee maker is an ideal brewer for special occasions and daily brewing needs. This review covers the best 8 cup coffee makers on the market today. These units come with multiple features to make your brewing simple. The coffee makers are straightforward to use making them perfect for the novice. We hope the guide helps you to understand the 8 cup coffee makers more.

When choosing the best coffee maker, consider the brewing time, ease of use, size, programmability, durability, cost and warranty. You might also want to consider the brand of a certain coffee maker.

You can proceed to choose your desired coffee machine or recheck the above reviews.

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