7 Truths Only Coffee Addicts Will Understand

Coffee lovers don’t drink a cup in the morning as a routine. They have valid reasons for the grind, and perfectly brewing a tastier coffee. Some coffee fans drink up to 4 cups of coffee daily because they understand more about this drink.

If you are not a coffee avid, you might not understand the basics and finer details of brewing and importance of coffee. Coffee fans know the rules of getting barista-quality coffee at home. They know the perfect brewing methods and how the shortcomings of these brewing techniques. Here are the 7 things that only coffee lovers will understand.

1. The Importance of a good coffee grinder

Coffee lovers know the importance of having a good grinder at home. A great grinder mostly burr grinder makes a good addition to their kitchen. A grinder offers the convenience of grinding and making a personalized cup of coffee without any hassle. An excellent grinder allows for total control over the size of the grind.

It can grind from a coarse ground to finely powdered coffee ground. This can be used with French press or espresso machine. The best grinder allows for a fresh cup of coffee with essential oils and full of flavor.

Coffee fans avoid the stale taste of pre-ground coffee that is sold at your nearest grocery. Due to these benefits, you will always find a grinder in the kitchen of an avid coffee drinker.

2. Brewing barista-quality coffee is an art

They understand that getting a barista-quality coffee is an art that requires one to be careful. The process starts with the selection of the ingredients and tools, then careful brewing. The tools include the brewing method.

They select the best method from French Press, pour-over, Chemex, percolator and automatic coffee machines. The knowledge of how the selected method works, is desirable in brewing quality coffee. For instance, one need to know that French press works with coarse coffee while automatic machines work with fine grounds.

Using the right ratio of water to coffee is essential. Next, coffee lovers know that adjustment of the coffee strength and temperature are vital. Barista-quality coffee is about controlling all the aspects of the brewing to get better-tasting, favorable drink.

3. Drink a cup of coffee in the morning is essential

If you are a coffee fan, you know that drinking a cup of coffee every morning is very important. It helps to keep the mind alerted throughout the day. You also improve your performance at work since it enhances your efficiency.

These facts have led to the introduction of certain features in coffee machines that either reduce the time of preparation or brew cup before you wake up.

Some coffee machines can deliver a perfect cup of coffee within 2 minutes. Other automatic coffee machines come with a “wake up” feature that brews coffee before you wake up. Such brewers are meant to allow you to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.

4. The Importance of buying whole beans

Every coffee lover understands that buying whole beans is better than pre-ground coffee. Even they know that the beans should not be stored for long after roasting. The coffee is the main ingredient when brewing coffee. So the final results will greatly depend on the quality of the coffee.

That’s why they avoid pre-ground coffee because it might be stale. The pre-ground coffee might also have lost flavor and strength leading to less tasty coffee. Whole beans allow you to brew fresh coffee shortly after grinding.

Even after grinding the whole beans, coffee enthusiasts don’t store the ground for long. The storage entails sealing the ground coffee in an airtight bag or container. They know that exposing the coffee to light, air or heat might affect its quality.

5. Benefits of caffeine

Coffee contains caffeine as the major component. Coffee fans know the importance of caffeine and have even developed tolerance to the negative effects. Caffeine stimulates the brains functioning by inhibiting the production of adenosine.

Thus, avid coffee drinkers always stay alert and make the right choices when faced with a dilemma. Caffeine also helps coffee drinkers to stay healthy since it lowers the risks of developing certain diseases. It prevents type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancers, and heart diseases.

Also, coffee drinkers don’t fall asleep due to the effects of caffeine in the body. The can stay awake for long hours and complete challenging tasks.

6. The mistakes to avoid when brewing

Only coffee fans know how to avoid common brewing mistakes that lower the quality of the coffee.  These mistakes include using the wrong among of ground coffee. They also don’t use tap water since filtered water delivers the best results.

They don’t store ground coffee in the freezer because it will moisten the ground. Using the wrong grind size during the brewing compromises the final results. Avoiding these mistakes offers you a perfect cup of coffee that’s why coffee lovers avoid them. Only coffee fans know when these mistakes are about to happen and then use their experience to avoid them.

7. Frequent visits to the bathroom

Coffee results in frequent visits to the bathroom. Coffee drinkers know that coffee dictates their schedule of visiting the bathroom. You visit the bathroom since coffee is a diuretic.

Coffee fans agree that you will visit the bathroom shortly after drinking a cup of coffee. If you drink several cups of coffee, the frequency of visits increases. This effect is attributed to the dehydration aspect of coffee.

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