7 Tips for Making Great Iced Coffee

You will not require any fancy tools to prepare a great cup of iced coffee. It is easier to make a great iced coffee than we think. Many people believe in it, and they try to give up this hardly.Hence, they become deprived of the freshness that they could have achieved from a cup of iced coffee.

You will just require a bowl large enough to contain the ground beans and water. You will also need a sieve. If you have these two tools available, you are well equipped to prepare a refreshing cup of iced coffee. You may also use expensive tools like a French press, Chemex, Aeropress, and Electric coffee makers available in the market.

In this write-up, we will discuss seven tips for making great iced coffee. Let’s have a look at them:

Roast Your Beans Properly

You can easily roast your coffee bean with a heat gun, garage sale, and special popcorn popper. You may use them to roast your coffee beans. Another easy and less costly way to roast the beans is to heat them up as it is possible to put them oven. In this case, you will have to put the beans on a metal tray. You will have to wait until you hear the sound of the beans cracking.Then you can pull them out of the oven.

Press It

You should use the French press (Even the cheaper one will do), to press the coffee beans. It is beneficial to use the French press instead of the standard drip pot because more coffee oils remain in the cup instead of the machine’s filter. Using a cleaned French press, you will be able to double the coffee juice released from the beans.

Prepare Drip Coffee with a “Trial Run”

It is a very traditional and less time-consuming method to make coffee. You will have to put less time and effort. You will just have to put some water through the machine. You will have to wait till the water becomes heated. Then you can put the bean in the hot water in the machine. This method is preferable in the hotel rooms and the kitchens.

Store the Coffee Beans in a Proper Way

You must avoid putting all the coffee beans in the freezer. The quality of the coffee beans will reduce if you put them right in the hot water after taking them out from the freezer. You can find out a local dealer of roasted beans who is trustworthy. You can divide your requirements for beans in weekly amount. We call it a stash.You can put your current week’s stash in an airtight container and the remaining stashes in the refrigerator. In this way, you will be capable of getting the real taste of the iced coffee.

Ice the Coffee in Proper Way

After taking the hot coffee out of the machine, people immediately put some pieces of ice in the cup containing the coffee. But it is not the right way to prepare the coffee. You will not get the real taste of the iced coffee if you tend to make the coffee in this way because it takes few minutes for the steaming coffee to become cold. You should wait for a few minutes to let the coffee become cold. Now, you can put the pieces of ice in the relatively cold cup of coffee. In this method, you will be capable of tasting the exact flavor of the refreshing cup of iced coffee.

Decorate Your Coffee

To take coffee is an art. At present, there are a lot of ways to decorate the coffees in the market. You should also try to decorate in your way. One way to decorate the coffee is through lattes. You can also use chocolate powders available on the market. You will have to be very patient in pouring the milk and spreading over the chocolate powder.

Use a Blender to Grind Ices

If you want to prepare a generic iced coffee, you will have to use a blender to grind the ices in the beginning. After that, you can put the milk, chocolate, and coffee beans in the blender to make a perfect blend of all the items. It is a traditional way to prepare the iced coffee. There are some drawbacks of this method of making the cold coffee. All of them the major drawbacks is, the quality of the taste and texture of the coffee will not be the same as the iced coffee. When you put ice in relatively hot water, it provides a different taste.

So, we hope that the above discussion will help you to prepare great iced coffee at home. It will be very easy if you go through the given steps one by one.

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