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Best French Press Coffee Makers – Ultimate Guide And Reviews For 2017

The French Presses are also known as coffee presses, coffee plungers, or press pot. They are considered as gastronome kitchen appliance due to their exceptional flavor that is delivered through the effort it takes to press coffee. If you decide to choose a French Press, you will have a wide choice to choose from.

Best French Press Coffee Makers

However, to get the Best French Press Coffee Maker, you will have to be keen on the features of the individual machines.You will realize some traditional-styled French Presses and modern styles of these coffee makers. The automatic machines are gaining popularity due to their consistency and functionality. They deliver intense flavor every time that’s why most users love them.

Several factors make French Press coffee makers different from automatic brewers. Their brewing method is unique since you have to boil the water first. The cleaning method is also distinct since you have to rinse the filter after brewing. You have to ensure the other components of the machine are clean to ensure it delivers quality coffee every time. Most coffee fans also confess that the French Press offers an exceptional taste that isn’t achievable with other types of coffee makers.

It’s also good to know how to use a French Press coffee maker. Simply place the desired volume of ground coffee in the carafe. Next, fill the carafe with hot, water. Then leave the coffee grounds to steep in the water for 4 to 5 minutes. After these minutes, place the lid (with plunger) on the top of the carafe and then press downward slowly. Ensure that the plunger and structure disk are perpendicular to the bottom of the carafe. Also, ensure pressure is even so that the grounds are filtered out.

Why Choose a French Press Coffee Maker?

If you are a coffee enthusiast, you may decide to shop for a French Press coffee brewer due to the intense, tastier and exceptional flavor. When your coffee steeps in the boiling water, the coarse grounds absorb a lot of water and infuse it with intense flavor. The plunger’s pressing motion squeezes the water out of the coffee. The filter and screen separate the grounds from the water, resulting in smooth coffee. Hence, if you want to entertain yourself and friends with a consistently and uniquely brewed coffee, you can choose the French Press Coffee Maker.

Thing to consider before buying the Best French Press Coffee Makers

Purpose of the machine

When making a choice about the coffee press to purchase, it’s vital to know why you require a French press coffee maker. If you use a coffee press properly, it will produce a full-flavored, authentic cup of coffee that is a bit low in acid. You can also use it to brew loose-leaf teas or to infuse flavors, spices, and herbs into the tea or coffee.

Parts of the coffee maker

Although coffee presses have a simple design, they have several parts that are necessary for the pot to operate. The vital parts include the plunger and lid, structured disk and carafe. Though the functions of the parts are the same, the results of the final output may differ slightly depending on the components and materials utilized.

Carafe: It’s the part that holds the liquid and can also be called pot. This part may be made of plastic, glass, stainless steel or ceramic.

Plunger and lid: Plunger and lid are usually attached and may be made of plastic, metal or both. The lid should fit tightly and well constructed. It should depress evenly without being too loose or stiff.

Filter: It’s usually attached to the lid and easily removable for cleaning. The filter is always at the top of the carafe and traps small particles that pass the structure disk and plunger. The filter can be metallic screens or made from paper or cloth.

Structure disk: this part is attached to the bottom of the plunger and used to depress coffee grounds.

Type of the Coffee Press

You should also consider the type of coffee presses available before making a choice. Each type provides a varying degree of convenience. You have the option to choose between traditional, electric, thermal, travel and Aeropress French coffee makers.

Other factors to consider

  • Budget
  • Warranty
  • Size and weight
  • Durability

Top 10 Recommended French Press Coffee Makers Review

We dedicated a couple of months to research and understand the different models of French Press Coffee Makers available on the market. After examining numerous machines, we present the top 10 recommended French Press Coffee Makers. We have analyzed the features, pros and cons of each coffee maker to ease your choosing process. These machines offer intense flavor every time. They are affordable, durable and easy to use. Ensure to compare the machines keenly to determine the one that best suits your needs.

#1 KONA French Press Coffee Tea and Espresso Maker – An Ideal Machine For Gifts

The KONA French Press offers simply the purest way to extract and brew whole coffee beans or any loose leaf tea. It allows you to brew up to 8 cups/1 liter at a time so you can serve the whole family or a group of friends. A glass pitcher allows for smooth, rich gourmet taste with totally no grounds. The manufacturer advises users to combine this machine with a manual coffee grinder.

KONA French Press Coffee Tea and Espresso Maker - An Ideal Machine For Gifts

Click Here

It comes with a protective design that is unique and attractive making it admirable on the kitchen counter. The insulated outer shell prevents cracks and chips to the extra thick pellucid borosilicate glass coffee pot. The aesthetic design makes it an ideal gift idea for both men and women during special occasions such as a birthday.

This coffee maker weighs only 1.3 pounds and has an ergonomic handle making it portable. You can rely on it for travel and outdoor camping. It’s also ideal for office since it operates quietly and nonelectric.

The handle is durable, sturdy and comfortable for effortless pouring to your mug or flask. The coffee maker comes with a BPA-free lid, and no espresso comes into contact with the hot espresso or ice cold brewed tea while steeping.

The components are dishwasher safe for simple cleaning. Detaching the components is also simple through an easy press.

Whom is this product meant for?

This coffee maker is meant for coffee fans who love simplicity in coffee brewing and can be used in the home, office, and on the go. Hence, it’s meant for housewives, office chefs and dads who love coffee.


  • Added protection
  • Lightweight
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy storage
  • Comfortable handle


  • Not a great filter
  • Wobbly plunger

#2 SterlingPro French Coffee Press 

The selling point of the SterlingPro French Coffee Press is its durability and unique double screen system. It’s designed with heat resistant borosilicate glass that makes it long lasting. So you can be sure to use it for long. The exceptional filter system eliminates all ground for a smooth coffee.

SterlingPro French Coffee Press

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It makes better tasting coffee through the unique brewing mechanism. You can brew up to 4 ounces or approximately 4 coffee mugs at once to entertain yourself and friends. You won’t get hurt during the brewing process or when pouring coffee since the lid has a plastic lining which prevents it from getting hot.

The design of this coffee maker prevents the plastic from coming into contact with your coffee when brewing or pouring. This coffee maker is simple to clean after brewing. However, you should be keen to clean all the components to ensure quality coffee each time.

You will realize that this coffee maker is easy to use and requires less effort to prepare your favorite drink. The user-friendly handle allows you to shift the machine simply around the kitchen and offers convenience when pouring your coffee.

This coffee maker measures 16 cm by 14 cm by 24 cm. The dimensions allow you to place it on a small kitchen counter or even carry it when you are traveling.

Whom is this product meant for?

This French Press coffee maker is ideal for all coffee lovers and can be used by housewives and office chefs.


  • Has an aesthetic design and finish
  • Borosilicate glass makes it durable
  • Double screen filtration eliminates all grounds
  • Plastic lining on the lid prevents you from burn
  • Ergonomic handle for easy pouring
  • It comes with bonuses – 2 pieces of stainless steel screens


  • Cannot be used in cafes
  • The handle is slippery for wet hands
  • Relatively pricey

#3 Bodum Chambord 8 cup French Press Coffee Maker

If you are a coffee enthusiast who loves simplicity, pure and tastier drinks, you can consider the Bodum Chambord French Press. This coffee maker has a simple yet sophisticated design that lets you extract the full flavor from coffee beans or loose tea leaves. It’s made of tasteless materials, glass and stainless steel, so there is no additional flavor to your drink. Lack of paper filter means no waste since the coffee bean’s essential oils will go directly to your cup. Thus, you will get the flavor that is lost in the paper filter.

Bodum Chambord 8 cup French Press Coffee Maker, 34 oz

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With this coffee maker, you can brew up to 34 ounces of your favorite coffee drink which can serve 2 to 3 people. After brewing to the total volume of the coffee maker, you can pour a cup after cup at your convenience.

The carafe is made of highly durable, heat resistant borosilicate glass. The coffee maker features a steel frame and a heat resistant handle. Apart from durability, your safety is ensured since the materials are heat resistant. The components are dishwasher safe which makes cleaning simple.

Your coffee will be free from grounds due to the 3 stainless steel mesh filter. The filter system also helps to extract subtle flavors and aromatic oils. Also, the Pressed coffee extracts the ideal amount of essential acids and oils from bean for a premium amount of flavor from your coffee.

Whom is this product meant for?

This French Press coffee maker is designed for those who want a durable machine that can extract full flavor. Homemakers and office chefs can use it, but it’s not suitable for cafes.


  • Borosilicate glass prevents scratches
  • Has a large capacity of 34 ounces
  • Lightweight making it suitable for traveling
  • 3 part stainless steel mesh filter eliminates grounds from your coffee.


  • Not very durable
  • Less efficient compared to stainless steel competitors.

#4 GROSCHE MADRID Premium french Press Coffee and Tea maker with German SCHOTT-DURAN Borosillicate Glass Beaker

The GROSCHE MADRID French Press has a premium design and functionality. It features a fine-crafted chrome housing and borosilicate glass beaker. These materials make it appear beautiful in your kitchen. The glass beaker is highly durable and free from scratches. It comes in four different sizes so you can use the size that will suit your brewing needs.

GROSCHE MADRID Premium french Press Coffee and Tea maker with German SCHOTT-DURAN Borosillicate Glass Beaker

Click Here

It’s a multi-purposes coffee maker that will prove indispensable in your kitchen. You can use coarse ground coffee to brew a better-tasting coffee (Ensure to place 1 – 3 tablespoons per mug 300ml). You can also utilize this coffee maker to brew a blooming tea or better tasting loose leaf by allowing full flavor extraction.

This coffee maker comes with a dual filter system. One filter is in the main press and another in the lid. During the brewing process whether tea or coffee, turn the lid to cover the press while your tea or coffee steeps. Then turn the lid again to open during the pouring process. That way, you will retain the heat of your drink and allow for the authentic flavor of your tea or coffee.

It has a sophisticated modern design. The minimalist chrome house provides a stylish look that will definitely compliment your kitchen.

Whom is this product meant for?

This coffee maker is ideal for those who want to combine modern design with the art of coffee brewing. Hence, it’s good for housewives, and non-commercial chefs.


  • Ultra premium chrome design
  • Components are dishwasher safe
  • Dual filtration system
  • Multi-purposes


  • Different sizes come at different prices
  • Coffee may overflow in case of excess force

#5 Bodum Brazil 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker

The coffee enthusiast who wants a functional and attractive design at an affordable cost should consider the Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker. This coffee maker is durable and features heat-resistant materials for the convenience of brewing and pouring. The plastic base and handle help to prevent your hands from getting hurt during the brewing and pouring. It has an excellent filter system that delivers a smooth tea or coffee with no ground traces. Lack of paper filter in this coffee maker means no waste. You will appreciate the safe lid that prevents the splashing of liquids during the pressing process.Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker

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This coffee maker has a capacity of 34 ounces that can serve 2 or 3 people. You can use it to entertain your friends or family. If you want to use it in the office, you can brew a large amount of coffee or tea and pour at your convenience.

The carafe is very durable so you can be sure to use this coffee brewer for long. It’s also heat-resistant which helps to retain the temperature of your drink before you pour.

It features a 3 part stainless steel filter system that helps extract aromatic oils and deep flavors. This filter mechanism also eliminates grounds from your coffee or tea.

If you press the extracts well, you are sue of getting the ideal amounts of acids and essential oils for authentic flavors.

Whom is this product meant for?

This coffee maker is expressly meant for use in home kitchens and office. Thus, it is intended for homemakers and office chefs.


  • Lightweight making it ideal for camping or traveling
  • Functional and attractive design
  • Highly affordable
  • 3 part filtration system


  • It’s not very durable when compared to stainless steel models
  • It has a poor heat retention mechanism

#6 Frieling Polished 18/10 Stainless Steel French Press

The Frieling Polished offers you a chance to enjoy the pure flavor of your coffee with a double wall insulated coffee maker. This coffee brewer retains heat 4 times longer than glass French Presses. It’s made of 18/10 stainless steel, which makes it incredibly durable and beautiful. The manufacturer notes that this French Press is designed to stand the test of time.Frieling Polished 18/10 Stainless Steel French Press

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It has a good brewing mechanism that delivers pure taste sensation. It will offer fresh, quality tasting coffee or tea with unparalleled flavor. With this, coffee brewer, you will be your own barista.

This coffee maker has an authentic design that appears beautiful in your kitchen. You have two design options. Either an exterior mirror finishes with an interior brushed finish. Or an interior and exterior, brushed finish. It’s good to choose the one that complements your kitchen decor.

The plunger mechanism is stainless steel which warrants you a quality brewer for an extended time. The components are BPA-free for healthy brewing. You will appreciate the fact that Frieling provides replacement components if needed.

It keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot by retaining the temperature. This French Press is multipurpose, and you can use it for a wide variety of cold drink including water, ice tea, juice, and milk.

This coffee maker takes only 4 minutes to deliver your tea or coffee. It’s easy to use. Simply fill it with ground coffee or tea and hot water. Next, place plunger/lid unit on top and then steep for 4 minutes. Then press the plunger down slowly. You coffee, or tea is ready to serve.

All parts of this coffee maker are dishwasher safe to make cleaning simple. You don’t even have to disassemble the plunger during the cleaning process.

Whom is this product meant for?

This French Press is specifically meant for housewives, office chefs and dads who love a cup of well-brewed coffee.


  • Double-wall design helps to retain temperature of your drink
  • Has a beautiful outer finish
  • Components are dishwasher safe
  • Takes only 4 minutes to deliver quality coffee


  • The handle is always slippery when handled with wet hands.
  • Relatively expensive

#7 SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press

Those seeking a French Press that can act as a gift may consider the SterlingPro, coffee maker. This coffee maker comes with a mirror finish and stylish design that looks attractive in the kitchen or office. The great looks complement the brewing abilities of this coffee maker. Coffee fans love it due to its ability to extract full flavor from coffee grounds and loose tea leaves.

SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press

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It makes better tasting coffee each time. With a capacity of about 4 coffee mugs, you can entertain your friends when they come visiting.

The stainless steel interior and exterior makes this coffee maker durable and appears beautiful. You are sure it won’t rust after cycles of cleaning, unlike other cheap models.

Double-wall construction retains the temperature of your coffee or tea for long. It offers you a chance to enjoy your drink at your preferred temperature at a convenient time. The inside stays warm for long while the outside remains cool to the touch.

It’s among the first French Presses that use a double screen system. This mechanism helps to remove all grounds from your tea or coffee to deliver an amazing smooth drink.

Whom is this product meant for?

This French Press is specifically meant for use in the home kitchen and office. Thus, it’s ideal for housewives, and office chefs. It’s not good for use in cafes.


  • Offers better-tasting coffee
  • Retains the temperature of your drink for long
  • Double screen system
  • Comes with 2 bonus stainless steel screens


  • It’s a bit expensive compared to similar brands
  • Plunger requires careful pressing and coffee may splash when pressing

#8 Bodum 1308-16 Columbia 8-Cup Stainless-Steel Thermal Press Pot

The Bodum 1308-16 offers a fast, easy and space-saving way to brew flavored or black coffee or a variety of teas. It will offer you the convenient to brew your drink at home. You won’t have to frequent the coffee shop for coffee which is also a saving strategy. It has many great features that you require for manual coffee brewing.Bodum 1308-16 Columbia 8-Cup Stainless-Steel Thermal Press Pot

Click Here

It has a capacity of 32 once to bring versatility and calmness to your daily routine. If you love taking many cups of coffee every day, simply brew the full capacity and pour at your convenience. Your coffee or tea will remain hot for up to 2 hours thanks to the double-wall construction. Thus, you don’t have to transfer you coffee or tea to a thermos to retain its temperature.

This French Press has a small footprint so you can use it in an urban kitchen, office and on the go. The manufacturer notes that it has a sports design. The beautiful finish is meant to add to your high-end kitchen tools.

A stainless steel plunger helps to extract full flavor from the loose tea leaves or coffee beans for authentic tastes. The fine mesh filter eliminates the waste and mess of disposable filters. The filter system also helps to maintain coffee’s quality flavors, resulting in delicious alternatives to the dilute taste that results when brewed through filter papers.

Additional features include a large ergonomic handle for steady handling while transporting or dispensing, a handled safety lid that prevents liquids from splashing or heat from escaping and a measuring spoon.

Whom is this product meant for?

This coffee maker is meant for offices and small homes kitchens. Thus, it’s ideal for homemaker and office cooks.


  • Small footprint
  • A beautiful finish
  • Retains tea and coffee temperature for 2 hours
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle
  • Has a safety lid
  • Measuring spoon


  • It’s a bit expensive
  • Not simple to press the plunger due to its size

#9 Le Creuset Stoneware 27oz. French Press

If you are looking for traditional French Presses for authentic and subtle flavors, may consider the Le Creuset Stoneware. This French Press has a colorful stoneware exterior to bring out the tradition look. Apart from offering you a better tasting coffee, it will also appear as a beautiful craft in your kitchen.

Le Creuset Stoneware 27oz. French Press

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It has a stainless steel plunger and mess press for quality extraction. With this coffee maker, you will enjoy quality coffee or tea without the mess of cleaning or waste of paper filters.

The non-porous enamel finish is an excellent feature of this French Press. It resists odors that come with tea and coffee brewing. Also, it is free from stains of different flavors. You will enjoy brewing you favorite drink for long since the material is durable and doesn’t crack or chip.

The components are dishwasher safe to make your cleaning simple. You can also opt to hand wash them. However, you should clean the components frequently to ensure you get better tasting coffee every time.

A perfectly colour-matched palette of consistent, bold tones for simple mixing and matching your other Le Creuset tools. However, unlike most French Presses, the coffee maker is a bit heavyweight weighing 2.6 pounds. It measures 6.5 by 5.5 by 9.6 inches.

Whom is this product meant for?

This French Press is ideal for housewives and office cooks. You can also try it for camping.


  • Comes with stainless steel plunger
  • It’s stain and odor resistant
  • Components are dishwasher safe
  • Beautiful design complements you other Le Creuset products
  • Comes with 2 free stainless steel screens


  • Expensive
  • Not very durable

#10 Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French Press Coffee and Tea Mug

The Bodum French Press allows you to prepare a cup of better tasting coffee when you need it. It can be used to brew quality tea as well as authentic coffee. Creative coffee brewers can use this coffee maker to add spices, herbs, and flavors to coffee or tea. You will realize that it’s simple to use this French Press to brew these different drinks.

Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French Press Coffee and Tea Mug

Click Here

It features a vacuum sealed, double-wall stainless steel design to help retain the temperature of your drink for long. You can rely on this French Press to keep your tea or coffee hot for several hours. It’s also ideal for retaining the temperature of cold drinks such as milk, ice tea, and juice.

The non-slip silicone grip design allows you to brew and transport the coffee maker without slipping. It has a compact design so you can use it when traveling and camping. You can also use it in small urban kitchens and offices. It comes in an array of colors allowing you to choose your favorite. You can select one that compliments you other kitchen tools or your kitchen decor.

With a spill resistant lid, this French Press doesn’t splash the liquid contents. Thus, it is safe to use and won’t cause harms during the pressing process.

The components are dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning. You won’t handle the mess of cleaning. But if you like hand washing your kitchen appliances and tools; you can still hand wash this coffee maker.

Whom is this product meant for?

This French Press is ideal for use in home kitchens, offices, and you can also use it when traveling or camping. Hence, it’s ideal for housewives, office cooks, and those traveling or camping.


  • Small footprint
  • Vacuum sealed to retain the temperature of your drink
  • Non-slip silicone grip
  • Spill-resistant lid
  • Parts are dishwasher safe


  • It can slip if not handled well
  • Different colors come at different prices
  • Relatively heavy

Final verdict

French Presses offer an exceptional flavor and can be used to brew coffee or tea. You can also use a French Press to retain temperatures of cold drinks such as iced tea, water, milk or juice. French Presses are different from automatic coffee makers due to their brewing mechanism, cleaning system, and flavor that they deliver.

When choosing a French Press consider the purpose, parts/components available, and type. It’s also brilliant to consider other factors such as cost, durability and size and weight.

We hope the French Press review and buying guide was helpful and will help you choose the best French Press coffee maker to suit your needs.

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